Ashley Kaltwasser talks to Mark Anthony at 2014 NPC Natural Ohio


npc_news_mark_anthony2013 Bikini Olympia winner Ashley Kaltwasser talks to 2013 Physique Olympia winner Mark Anthony about his busy schedule and what plans he has for the next couple of months.




Source: NPC Online

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WATCH: Bodybuilding Posing Routines from the 2014 Orlando Europa Show of Champions


europasocMore great footage by Muscular Development of IFBB Pro’s Justin Compton, Jon Delarosa, Fred Smalls and the rest of the top 10 bodybuilders perform their posing routines at the 2014 Orlando Europa Show of Champions.

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Lukáš Osladil three weeks out from the 2014 Mozolani Classic


Take a look at Czech professional bodybuilder Lukáš Osladil who is competing in 212 category three weeks before the 2014 Mozolani Classic, which takes place in Žilina, Slovakia from 3rd to 4th May.


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WATCH: Train win Kai Greene


train with Kai 2The winner of the train with Kai contest, Logan Keevan, suffered a brain injury that he thought might prevent him from engaging in any athletic activity ever again. Bodybuilding…and Kai Greene…saved his life and inspired him to get back in the gym.


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Mozolani Pro Classic 2014


flyerAfter three highly successful Mozolani Classic events, the organizers have decided to raise the bar another level and put on a show, the like of which has not yet been seen here. An international tournament will take place in Slovakia for the first time, and in addition the Slovak amateur elite will compete in their categories at the two-day Mozolani Weekend event (May 3 and 4, 2014). The DOXXbet Arena in Žilina will provide the competition venue.

Mozolani Classic 2014 – On Saturday May 3, the SAKFST international Slovak championships in bodybuilding (up to & incl. 70 kg, up to & incl. 80 kg, up to & incl. 90 kg and over 90 kg) and classic male bodybuilding (under 175 cm, over 175 cm), and the SAKFST Cup competition in bikini fitness (up to & incl. 160 cm, up to & incl. 165 cm, over 165 cm).

Mozolani Pro Classic 2014 – Top of the agenda on Sunday May 4 will be the prestigious competition of professional bodybuilders in the up to & incl. 212 lb category and professional female competitors in the Pro Figure category and professional female competitors in the Pro Bikini category.


Mozolani Classic
M-SR – men’s bodybuilding and classic bodybuilding
Cup competition – women’s bikini fitness
Mozolani Pro Classic
Pro Bodybuilding 212 lbs
Pro Figure
Pro Bikini






Airport transfers will be arranged for competitors in the PRO category at designated intervals at the organizer’s expense.


Accommodation for competitors in the PRO category will be provided at the Žilina Holiday Inn (bed + breakfast). Accommodation is provided at the organizer’s expense.


for amateurs:

information for professionals and amateurs:

History of the event

This was held on May 9, 2010 at the Holiday Inn conference hall in Žilina. Competitions were held in the men’s bodybuilding, men’s classic bodybuilding and women’s bodyfitness events. Štefan Havlik was crowned overall winner and the VIP guest at the event was the professional Kai Greene.

This was held on October 20, 2012 at the sports hall on Rosinská cesta in Žilina. Competitions were held in the men’s bodybuilding, men’s classic bodybuilding and women’s bikini fitness events. Rastislav Solár and Karina Antovská were crowned overall winners.

On the first day, April 27, 2013, competitions were held in the men’s bodybuilding, men’s classic bodybuilding and women’s bikini fitness events. Marian Čambal and Karina Antovská were crowned overall winners. On the second day competitions were held in the women’s fitness and bodyfitness and in children’s fitness events. The VIP guests were the reigning professional champions – Phil Heath (Mr. Olympia) and Flex Lewis (Mr. Olympia 212).


Mozolani Pro Classic
Žilina is the fifth largest city (population 85,000) in Slovakia, and its rich history and fine architecture blend in with a modern and dynamic development. The first written record of Žilina dates back to 1208. Its historical development, traditions and contemporary history undoubtedly rank it as one of the most important cities in the country, and it is an important economic, administrative and cultural center in Central Slovakia. The most important historical monuments in Žilina are Mariánske námestie, which is the only square in Slovakia to have preserved its Renaissance arcades (‘laubne’ – arches), Budatín castle and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The Váh, the longest river in Slovakia, flows through Žilina. The city is a center of industry, transport, education and culture, and since 1960 it has been home to the University of Žilina. In 1996, the city became the seat of the Žilina region and therefore gained equal footing with other major Slovak cities. The major auto manufacturer, KIA, opened a manufacturing plant near the city in 2006. Žilina and its surrounding area is a great tourist destination, the most popular tourist area being Vrátna dolina in the Malá Fatra, which is excellent hiking and skiing country. Žilina is a sporting center: the MŠK soccer club has won the Slovak championship on six occasions and the MsHK DOXXbet hockey club, which plays its home games at the stadium which will host the Mozolani Classic Pro 2014, has won one Slovak title. The most famous current athlete from Žilina is the professional cyclist Peter Sagan.

The venue

DOXXbet arena
(Zimný štadión),
Uhoľná 5,
49 22 99 29
18 74 20 01

Competition start: May 4, 2013, 3:30 pm

Hotel address

Holiday Inn Žilina,
Športová 568/2,
49 22 99 29
18 74 20 01


All details can be found at:

Download the brochure in PDF format

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World’s best females compete in Kiev


kiev_2014Sunday afternoon, April 13, 2014, at the ACCO International Exhibition Center in Kiev – the same venue that hosted the last year’s IFBB World Women’s Championships – unusual trophies were presented to this year’s IFBB World Ladies Cup winners.
The Women’s Worlds runner-up Liudmila NIKITINA (Russia) was announced the best Women’s Fitness star. She won the overall battle over the short class winner, 2008 European Champion Vera EGOROVA (Russia) who returned the stage after a few-year break.
There were two great stars in Women’s Bodyfitness: Arnold Europe and Arnold North America winner as well as 2013 European champion Angela DERZAPF (Germany) and 2013 Women’s Worlds overall winner Olga KARAVAYEVA (Ukraine). First, Derzapf won after a very close battle her category up to 163 cm over the 2013 world champion Antonina BEREBENIA (8:9) and later on she met with Karavayeva in the overall battle. The final result of this tough duel of the current greatest world bodyfitness stars was: 8:8. The Relative Placement Method had to be used to solve this tie and it has brought the final victory to Karavayeva.
Among four bikini fitness categories winners we can see 2013 Women’s Worlds 3rd place winner Olga VIAZMETINOVA (up to 168 cm), 2013 IFBB World Cup winner Alla SEMENOVA (up to 172 cm), 2013 Amateur Bikini Olympia 3rd place winner Kseniia SHEVELEVA (over 172 cm) and the greatest sensation: the short class winner Sofiya TANDILYAN (Russia), whose greatest previous achievement was the 3rd place at the Russian National Championships. And this new gifted girl from Kaliningrad won the hard battle against much more experienced champions, starting her big international sport career.
The last accent of this year’s World Ladies Cup was a farewell banquet at the stylish Ball Room of the “Bratislava” Hotel in Kiev, where the winners as well as the finalists were presented with thousands of US Dollars money awards. Ukrainian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation under the leadership of Igor Deliev, supported by sponsors represented by a well-known bodybuilder Oleg Korkosenko, has done the next great international event and did it in a very impressive style.

Download official results here


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2014 Juliette Bergmann Cup in Holland


juliette cup 2014Juliette Bergamnn Cup, held on March 23rd in the Recreatiecentrum de Staver, Sommelsdijk, Holland, was the IFBB spring season opener in Europe. And it was a very successful one, with nearly 100 competitors on stage and the full house sold out. ”The NBBF is doing better than ever, I am very happy about this” – Dutch Federation President and former Ms. Olympia Juliette Bergmann told us after the contest. Looking back into the history, Dutch bodybuilders were among bodybuilding pioneers in Europe. European and world champion Giuseppe Deiana started to win medals at the 1st European Championships in Essen, Germany (1968). Then, there were super heavyweight champions: Ben Herder (1975, Amsterdam) and Berry De Mey (1982, Zurich), continental and world champion Appie Steenbeek(1983, Malmo), world champions: Arthur Buurman (1982, Graz) and Amisi Morisho (1995, Guam). And the Berry DeMey Nutrition was the main sponsor of this year’s contest.

The “female line” was even more successful, with continental champions: the 1st European Championships participant Jacqueline Roos (1981, Lonodn), who later won the continental title (1982, Zurich), continetal champions Julliette Meyer-Bergmann and Tina Van Duyn-Woodley who both won the 1985 European Championships in Madrid,.Joyce Paardekam (1987, Essen) and Elke Poter (1998, Lisbon) . As well as the 1st World Championships winner Erika Mess (1983, London) and her followers: Ellen Van Maris (1984, Sydney), Julliette Meyer-Bergmann (1985, Brussels), Ina Lopulissa (1989, Taipei) and Leny Tops (1989, Taipei). As we can see, at some continental and world championships Dutch female bodybuilders could win more than one gold medals.

Now, under the leadership of Juliette Bergmann, bodybuilding and fitness have gained a faster tempo and started to attract more and more youngsters in Holland. The best example is a gifted junior bikini fitness competitor, Kimberley de Jongh, 18, who won the bikini fitness class over 173 cm. Having so famous trainers like Liona and Juliette Bergmann, she is progressing very well and will represent Holland as the first Dutch junior bikini fitness athlete at the European Juniors Championships.

Like everywhere in Europe nowadays, the most popular categories were Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini Fitness.

And this competition has not been the first and only in Holland this spring. The next will be the Rotterdam’s Open Championships on April 13th, and the Dutch Nationals at the Theater aan de Schie  on April 27th in Schiedam (Rotterdam metropolitan area). We can only congratulate Juliette, Liona and their team from the Dutch Federation so vigorous and effective activity! This spring physique sports in Holland will flourish like famous Dutch tulips.

2014 Juliette Bergmann Cup winners:
Junior Men’s Bodybuilding open: Sinisa Stojadinovic
Master Men’s Bodybuilding open:  Alle Alfing
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 70 kg: Gerrit Baars
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 80 kg: Aaron Soochit
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 90 kg: Vincent Oosterwijk
Men’s Bodybuilding up over 90 kg: Hubert Tomaszewski
Bikini Fitness up to 165 cm: Rosaline Shadkam
Bikini Fitness up to 173 cm: Beau van Bohemen
Bikini Fitness over 173 cm: Kimberley de Jongh
Bodyfitness open: Ramona Pilon Curiel
Classic Bodybuilding open: Roger Heesakker
Men’s Physique up to 185 cm: Michael Cervino
Men’s Physique over 185 cm: Giedo van der Waart


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2014 Shredderbuilt Pro results


shredderproThe results of the 2014 Shredderbuilt Pro April 12, 2014

IFBB Pro Bikini
1. Sandi Forsythe
2. Kelsie Burgin
3. Lindsay Oxford
4. Marcela Cabral
5. Shernika Speights
6. Camile Periat
7. Francesca Lauren
8. Yasmin Ali
9. Ashriel Osgood
10. Joanne Holden
11. Kamilah Powell
12. Samantha Morris
13. Sana Shah

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2014 Europa Show of Champions Results


justin-compton-509_finalThe results of the 2014 Europa Show of Champions 11-12 April, 2014. Photos of the competition can be seen here

IFBB Pro Bodybuilding
1. Justin Compton
3. Fred Smalls
4. Daniel Toth
5. Eddy Wilson
6. Ben White
7. An Nguyen
8. Marius Dohne
9. Clarence De Vis
10. Keith Williams
11. Lloyd Dollar
12. Malcolm Marshall
13. Rudy Richards
14. Said Kamara
15. Nathan Wonsley

jason-poston-137_finalIFBB Pro Men’s Physique
1. Jason Poston
2. Michael Anderson
3. Michael Ferguson
4. Steve Mousharbash
5. Jeff Seid
6. David Breaux
7. George Brown
8. Brian Hay
9. Stephen Mass
10. Travales Blount
11. Andre Adams
12. William Sullivan
13. Deniz Duygulu
14. Reuben Gordon
15. Reynaldo Pickwoad
16. Anton Antipov
16. John Arterberry
16. Josh Bowmar
16. Duane Brickhouse
16. Anthony Brigman
16. Justin Busiere
16. Victor Clarck
16. Victor Ruiz
16. Murat Demir
16. Sheridan Hause
16. Jim Holcomb
16. Burton Hughes
16. Aaron Oconnell
16. Joe Cantu
16. Jermaine Ward
16. Capriese Murray
16. Geobanny Paula
16. Douglas Peaney
16. Ken Settepani
16. Tony Torres
16. David Velazquez

frances-mendez-157_finalIFBB Pro Women’s Physique
1. Frances Mendez
2. Joele Smith
3. Leonie Rose
4. Danielle Reardon
5. Gloria Fauls
6. Jeannea Burritt
7. Lisa Grasso
8. Catherine Schaumleffel
9. Jessica Bowman
10. Danielle Balbino
11. Hannah Hallman
12. Tracy Weller
13. Rose Duvigneaud
14. Sherri Gray

sarah-leblanc-139_finalIFBB Pro Bikini
1. Sarah Leblanc
2. Lacey Deluca
3. Jessica Arevalo
4. Dayna Maleton
5. Stephanie Mahoe
6. Yarishna Ayala
7. Jessica Renee
8. Taylor Carroll
9. Stefanie Bambrough
10. Lisette Howard
11. Candyce Graham
12. Michelle Lewin
13. Jennifer Dawn
14. Ashley Pfaff
15. Nicole Coleman
16. Taylor Gallagher
16. Bernadett Matassa


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Bikini Posing Routine Highlights from the Orlando Europa Show of Champions 2014


1789-ifbb-europa-show-of-champions-3026_finalHere are the prejudging posing highlights of each of the Bikini pros at the 2014 Orlando Europa Show of Champions, thanks to Muscular Development.


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