WATCH: Branch Warren guest posing at the 2014 NPC Battle on the Bay


10580013_696548693744818_3012700407849106462_nWatch Branch Warren perform his guest posing routine at the 2014 NPC Battle onthe Bay.

Video by James Allen

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The P/RR/S Training Method


eric broser posterPower, Rep Range, Shock is a cyclical approach to lifting weights in which you utilize a unique training protocol every week (in 3-week cycles), with the goal of tapping into all of the body’s various growth mechanisms. Each of the three weeks is meant to bring about a specific physiological effect, so that your body cannot adapt to any one form of training, which would eventually result in stagnation. P/RR/S addresses muscle growth from a variety of “angles,” and allows significant progress to take place on a very consistent, and long-term, basis (and that is what we all want, right?).

Week # 1 is POWER training, and it is meant to annihilate the highest threshold fast twitch muscle fibers, increase raw strength, and stimulate a greater amount of natural testosterone to course through your veins. Here is the outline for a basic POWER week, along with a sample workout for back:

Rep Goal: 4-6

Rest Between Sets: 3-4 minutes

*Lifting Tempo: 2-4/0/X

Exercises: Mostly compound

1-Rack Deadlift: 4 x 4-6

2-Weighted WG Pull-ups: 3 x 4-6

3-Underhand Grip BB Bent Row: 3 x 4-6

4-CG Seated Cable Row: 3 x 4-6

Week # 2 is REP RANGE training, the goal of which is tear through all the intermediary muscle fibers that lie along the continuum from Type I to Type II, induce capillarization, and to stimulate growth producing metabolic adaptations within muscle cells. Here is the outline for a basic REP RANGE week, along with a sample workout for triceps:

Rep Goal: 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-20

Rest Between Sets: 2-3 minutes

*Lifting Tempo: 2/1/2/1***

Exercises: Compound, Isolation, Machine or Cable

***1-second hold at peak contraction for certain exercises (ex. Leg Extensions).

1-Smith CG Bench Press: 2 x 7-9

2-Lying Triceps Extension: 2 x 10-12

3-Rope Pushdown: 2 x 13-15

4-Dumbbell Kickback: 2 x 16-20

Week # 3 is SHOCK training, and a true test of your ability to withstand searing muscle pain! The burn and lactic acid that SHOCK workouts produce will help flood your system with n...

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WATCH: 2014 Olympia prep: Steve Kuclo Blows Up Arms 8 Weeks Out from the Mr. Olympia 2014


steve kuclo arms 8 weeksIFBB Pro Steve Kuclo is known for having big arms & he attributes this to the volume approach. 8 weeks out from the 2014 Mr. Olympia, he & Dan Newmire demonstrate this type of Crazy 8′s workout.

It consists of:

8 sets for biceps

8 sets for triceps

8-12 rep range

Minimal rest time

Source: Muscular Development

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WATCH: Legend Shawn Ray talks to Chris Cormier at the NPC USA Championships 2014


Chris CormierMuscular Development’s Shawn Ray talks to Chris Cormier at the NPC USA Championships 2014.

Chris and Shawn talk about their contest history and how they crossed paths and as well what Chris has planned for the future in his new venture as a trainer.

Find out how to book a training session with Chris himself on


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WATCH: Nick Trigili trains arms two weeks before NPC USA victory


Nick TrigiliWatch as Nick Trigili trainied Arms 2 weeks prior to winning his pro card at the USA’s last weekend.



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Photos: NPC Battle on the Bay


10580013_696548693744818_3012700407849106462_nThe NPC Battle on the Bay took place last weekend with Trish and Branch Warren guest posing.

Photos by James Allen-Photography

  • 1512557_696186080447746_7440883365970102884_n
  • 1017535_696324867100534_7792193532924685812_n
  • 10560336_696549010411453_7774291444997765569_o
  • 10478423_696548937078127_5020696276434819796_o
  • 10454433_696548847078136_8754150504599539276_o
  • 10541440_696548820411472_370601770679526020_o
  • 10580013_696548693744818_3012700407849106462_n
  • 12180_696548247078196_5290167532608974246_n
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Europe: IFBB-MALTA’s Battle on the Beach a success


b3Last Friday 25 July, IFBB Malta organised ‘Battle on the Beach’ in collaboration with Gymnasia.

Over 500 people attended the spectacular event, which saw 51 athletes participate in four categories: athletic physique and body building in the male category and bikini fitness and physique in the female category.

Novices and veterans like Blanche Coppola, Alan Micallef and Orazio Desira also participated at the highly successful event, which augurs well for the future of the Association.

This event also helped a number of athletes take to the stage for the first time and this will help them gain experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information, find IFBB Malta on Facebook or on

Photos by Ray Cassar

  • b1
  • b2
  • b3
  • b4
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Nick Trigili Wins the NPC USA Championship 2014


trig1Nick Trigili edged out Jon Ward to take the Super-heavyweight class & ultimately, all the other class winners to take the Overall Bodybuilding title at the 2014 NPC USA Championships.

See below for his photos and click here to see our full gallery with placings included.

Checkout the full results and photos here

The official scorecards by NPC News Online

Source: Muscular Development


  • trig1
  • trig2
  • trig3
  • trig4
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Mexico will host the World Junior and Master Championship


ifbb - mexicoThe Mexican Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation lead by its President, Francisco Cabezas, is a very active IFBB member that already organized the very successful Mr. Olympia Amateur in Acapulco this year, an international event that will be followed by  the prestigious international events, Mr. International and the World Junior and Master Championship, that will take place in the city of Morelia (October 3rd – 6th). More information will follow soon.

In the picture you can see Francisco Cabezas, President of the Mexican Bodybuilding Federation, Dr. Santonja, IFBB President, and Carlos Padilla Becerra, President of the Mexican Olympic Committee.

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WATCH: 2014 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships Backstage Coverage


npc backstage 2014See the action backstage at the 2014 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships.

Source: NPC News Online

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