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Andrea Presti takes top honors at the 2017 Olympia Amateur – Spain

Andrea Presti overall winner 2017 Olympia Amateur - Spain

Andrea Presti overall winner 2017 Olympia Amateur – Spain

IFBB European Circuit reached its summer break, until next September, with an amazing 3rd Olympia Amateur Spain, celebrated in one of the most worldwide recognized touristic places: Marbella.

Andrea Presti of Italy defeated some heavy competition to win the overall Bodybuilding title.

Close to 500 athletes, from more than 40 countries participated in this event that is the third IFBB Elite Ranking qualifying event.

6 IFBB Pro Cards for the overall winners in Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Men´s Physique, Muscular Men´s Physique, Bodyfitness and Bikini Fitness were handed out.

The event was broadcasted worldwide through IFBB TV. Fans from all over the world had access to enjoy and watch this great event.

The success of this edition has already made bodybuilding and fitness fans look forward to the 2018 edition.

Spain will again be the focus when the  2017 Arnold Classic Europe, in Barcelona takes place next 22th to 25th September.

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Andrea Presti overall winner 2017 Olympia Amateur - Spain

Photo: Andrea Presti (Italy) Bodybuilding Overall winner; celebrating the victory with his couple: Matilde Biagini (bronze medal in Bikini Fitness -169 cm).

Source:: ifbb.com


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