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“You don’t wish harm on anybody” – Lee Priest on Rich Piana

Lee Priest - Rich Piana

Lee Priest – Rich Piana

A number of people in the bodybuilding showed their concern for Rich Piana, who according to reports is in a medically induced coma.

Lee Priest was very vocal about the situation regarding posts on social media related to the incident.

Lee Priest, did say that Rich does do things to the extreme, but he does it to himself and does not hurt anybody.

Lee Priest made it a point to say that if he gets any negative comments on his post, the user will be banned. Gregg Valentino did the same.

This is what lee had to say on the matter:

Here’s to hoping Rich has a speedy recovery And like @gregg_valentino says if you post negative shit you’ll be deleted. You don’t wish harm on anybody what he does is his business yes we might not agree with what he does but that does not mean you wish harm or death on anyone. Child molesters and people that hurt animals yes definitely on them. but not upon on a guy who just goes to the gym to better himself doing what he likes to do to him self not to anybody else not hurting anyone else does not warrant all the trash talking and shit things people are saying. And I can’t believe it is coming from people who follow sport of bodybuilding and who say they are bodybuilders or like to be into bodybuilding he’s doing what you like to do sure he takes it to extreme but he’s not hurting you or anybody else so why are so negative and some other stuff that is being said why follow him or any other bodybuilder in our sport in general there are many sports I do not like or agree with and think They are stupid but I do not go on board your forms and post shit about The athletes in those sports so like I said any negative stuff towards rich in this thread here you’ll be blocked and deleted. Rich is straight up guy all the best to him

Lee Priest - Rich Piana


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