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PHOTOS: San Marino Amateur Olympia – NEW CATEGORY Muscular Men’s Physique

A new class was launched at the 2016 San Marino Amateur Olympia called the Muscular Men’s Physique.

A category that lets the heavier and more muscular athlete compete in the Men’s Physique division.

This could be a successful move for the IFBB seeing many athletes were having a hard time keeping the mass off to compete in the original Men’s Physique.

san-marino-muscular-physique10 san-marino-muscular-physique3 san-marino-muscular-physique2 san-marino-muscular-physique5 san-marino-muscular-physique8 san-marino-muscular-physique11 san-marino-muscular-physique9 san-marino-muscular-physique4 san-marino-muscular-physique6 san-marino-muscular-physique1


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