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WATCH: Courtney King pulls out from 2017 Bikini Olympia

Courtney King skips 2017 Olympia

2016 Bikini Olympia winner Courtney King has confirmed that she will not be competing at the 2017 Olympia to defend her Bikini Olympia title.

The reasons are regarding her health. Courtney explained that she was having issues during her final weeks in her prep for the 2017 Arnold Classic.

Courtney stated that she will not be competing in the near future, but at the same time did say she will be involved in the fitness industry.

Courtney insisted she wants to put her health before anything else. Courtney said that she was so focused on her external look that she did not take care of what was more important. Looking good no matter what is not the way to go and internal injuries can occur.

Courtney King skips 2017 Olympia




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