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WATCH: Guy Cisternino to show his worth in the open class

IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino is taking the plunge in the open bodybuilding class this weekend at the 2017 Arnold Classic Pro Australia.

Guy is looking in great shape leading up to the show after he was filmed training at the famous Doherty’s Gym Australia.

Many are debating if this is a good move for Guy to move up and go head-to-head with the bigger bodybuilders, especially athletes such as Dallas McCarver.

But, history can teach us a lesson and prove that overall size is not everything in the sport of bodybuilding. If Guy comes in sharp and hard as we are used to seeing in the 212 class, he can give the bigger guys a good fight.

This is something the 212 competitors should do more often. It would be great to see a showdown between the 212 and open class Olympia winner or the 212 and open class Arnold classic winner. The fans can then see who the real overall champion is.


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