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WATCH: Kevin Levrone impersonates Ronnie Coleman (Funny)

Kevin Levrone impersonates Ronnie Coleman from Evolution of Bodybuilding on Vimeo.

WATCH: Kevin Levrone impersonates Ronnie Coleman (Funny)

A great video was sent to us by our good friend Tommy Staunton.

This video was taken when Kevin Levrone was in Ireland about a year ago to do a seminar.

Kevin was asked about the time when they were in Russia and Ronnie Coleman ended his winning streak.

Kevin Levrone does a fantastic impression of Ronnie Coleman when he tells the story of getting him drunk.

Kevin continues to say that, the following day, Coleman stepped on the stage shredded and won the show.

Coleman would never lose again and went on to win eight Mr. Olympia titles.

What do we learn from this story…. Vodka can do miracles!!




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