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WATCH: Kevin Levrone’s latest training footage – 14 June 2017

Kevin Levrone Training – 14 June 2017

IFBB Legend Kevin Levrone has released his latest training footage in the last couple of days.

Levrone is seen doing some heavy shoulder press and bench press.

Kevin Levrone was originally suppost to be competing at the 2017 Vancouver Pro that is taking place between 8-9 July 2017.

Levrone pulled out from the contest stating that he felt he was not ready due to his commitments of promoting his supplement brand all over Europe.

Levrone now has officially announced that he will be competing at the Sheru Classic that is taking place between 13-15 October, 2017.

This officially confirms that Levrone will not be stepping on the Olympia stage in 2017 due to the fact he will not be qualified.

If Kevin does win the 2017 Sheru Classic, he will be qualified for the 2018 Mr. Olympia.




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