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WATCH: Priest and Bannout crush modern day training and diet methods

WATCH: Priest and Bannout crush modern day training and diet methods.

The popular Aarron Lambo challenges all the modern day methods of training and diet by getting the real answers from Lee Priest and Samir Bannout.

Aarron asks Priest and Bannout questions about macros, contest prep and certain diet methods that are being done in modern day bodybuilding.

Lee Priest and Samir Bannout do not hold back with their answers and this video will surely turn some heads.

Aarron Lambo: The REALIST interview you will ever see!! Aarron Lambo, Lee Priest & Samir Bannout Listen to me when I tell you that these so called ‘Prep Gurus’ complicate are industry to confuse you and take your money.. I’m sure some of these know it alls are more qualified on paper than me but I would rather listen to Two legends Mr Olympia and Mr Universe than a skinny guy with a clip board.. If you are new to this game or you are an inspiring PT then learn and master the basics, you will go far!

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