IFBB Grand Prix Finland

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net bring you another very rare set of photos by KP Fitness Photos and Ismo Häyrinen.

The 1998 IFBB Grand Prix Finland was another contest dominated by the legend Ronnie Coleman.

This is proof how how successful and entertaining the European tours were.

1998 Finnish / Megamass Grand Prix, held at Helsinki House of Culture.
1. Ronnie Coleman (U.S.A.)
2. Kevin Levrone (U.S.A.)
3. Nasser El Sonbaty (Yugoslavia)
4. Chris Cormier (U.S.A.)
5. Milos Sarcev (Yugoslavia)
6. Günter Schlierkamp (Germany)
7. Claude Groulx (Canada)
8. Gianluca Daniele (Italy)
9. Marko Savolainen (Finland)
10. Giuseppe Albi (Italy)
11. Ken Jones (U.S.A.)
12. Federico Focherini (Italy)
13. Dave Smith (New Zealand)