2000 Olympia archived photos

2000 Mr. Olympia – Archived photos published by KP Fitness Photos.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net bring you another set of never before seen photos by KP Fitness Photos.

Once in a while a rare batch of photos suddenly appear from nowhere.

KP Ourama is a bodybuilding historian, fan, show promoter and as well IFBB Assistant General Secretary.

KP Ourama with the help of Ismo Häyrinen were very active taking photos at major bodybuilding competitions between 1997 and 2016.

In this feature, Evolutionofbodybuilding.net with the permission of KP Ourama we reveal the photos they took at the 1998 Mr. Olympia.

Ronnie Coleman went on to win his third consecutive Mr. Olympia title.

It was not a easy victory as the title could have easily went to runner-up Kevin Levrone.

Third spot went to Flex Wheeler while Shawn Ray had to settle for fourth.

2000 Mr. Olympia, Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Photos by @ismohayrinen

2000 Mr. Olympia results

1. Ronnie Coleman
2. Kevin Levrone
3. Flex Wheeler
4. Shawn Ray
5. Nasser El Sonbaty
6. Lee Priest
7. Markus Rühl
8. Jay Cutler
9. Dexter Jackson
10. Orville Burke
11. Dennis James
12. Günter Schlierkamp
13. Oleg Zhur