juliette cup 2014Juliette Bergamnn Cup, held on March 23rd in the Recreatiecentrum de Staver, Sommelsdijk, Holland, was the IFBB spring season opener in Europe. And it was a very successful one, with nearly 100 competitors on stage and the full house sold out. ”The NBBF is doing better than ever, I am very happy about this” – Dutch Federation President and former Ms. Olympia Juliette Bergmann told us after the contest. Looking back into the history, Dutch bodybuilders were among bodybuilding pioneers in Europe. European and world champion Giuseppe Deiana started to win medals at the 1st European Championships in Essen, Germany (1968). Then, there were super heavyweight champions: Ben Herder (1975, Amsterdam) and Berry De Mey (1982, Zurich), continental and world champion Appie Steenbeek(1983, Malmo), world champions: Arthur Buurman (1982, Graz) and Amisi Morisho (1995, Guam). And the Berry DeMey Nutrition was the main sponsor of this year’s contest.

The “female line” was even more successful, with continental champions: the 1st European Championships participant Jacqueline Roos (1981, Lonodn), who later won the continental title (1982, Zurich), continetal champions Julliette Meyer-Bergmann and Tina Van Duyn-Woodley who both won the 1985 European Championships in Madrid,.Joyce Paardekam (1987, Essen) and Elke Poter (1998, Lisbon) . As well as the 1st World Championships winner Erika Mess (1983, London) and her followers: Ellen Van Maris (1984, Sydney), Julliette Meyer-Bergmann (1985, Brussels), Ina Lopulissa (1989, Taipei) and Leny Tops (1989, Taipei). As we can see, at some continental and world championships Dutch female bodybuilders could win more than one gold medals.

Now, under the leadership of Juliette Bergmann, bodybuilding and fitness have gained a faster tempo and started to attract more and more youngsters in Holland. The best example is a gifted junior bikini fitness competitor, Kimberley de Jongh, 18, who won the bikini fitness class over 173 cm. Having so famous trainers like Liona and Juliette Bergmann, she is progressing very well and will represent Holland as the first Dutch junior bikini fitness athlete at the European Juniors Championships.

Like everywhere in Europe nowadays, the most popular categories were Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini Fitness.

And this competition has not been the first and only in Holland this spring. The next will be the Rotterdam’s Open Championships on April 13th, and the Dutch Nationals at the Theater aan de Schie  on April 27th in Schiedam (Rotterdam metropolitan area). We can only congratulate Juliette, Liona and their team from the Dutch Federation so vigorous and effective activity! This spring physique sports in Holland will flourish like famous Dutch tulips.

2014 Juliette Bergmann Cup winners:
Junior Men’s Bodybuilding open: Sinisa Stojadinovic
Master Men’s Bodybuilding open:  Alle Alfing
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 70 kg: Gerrit Baars
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 80 kg: Aaron Soochit
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 90 kg: Vincent Oosterwijk
Men’s Bodybuilding up over 90 kg: Hubert Tomaszewski
Bikini Fitness up to 165 cm: Rosaline Shadkam
Bikini Fitness up to 173 cm: Beau van Bohemen
Bikini Fitness over 173 cm: Kimberley de Jongh
Bodyfitness open: Ramona Pilon Curiel
Classic Bodybuilding open: Roger Heesakker
Men’s Physique up to 185 cm: Michael Cervino
Men’s Physique over 185 cm: Giedo van der Waart

Source: ifbb.com