flyer 09.30.28IFBB Nordic Pro Championships goes to a next level! After Mr. Olympia the top Pro Competitors will go to European Tour. First stop is the Arnold Classic Europe and then the tour continues: Prague Pro, San Marino GP and Nordic Pro.

Men’s Pro Bodybuilding
Steve Kuclo, USA
Roelly Winklaar, Curacao
Johnnie Jackson, USA
Alexey Lesukov, Russia
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland
Robert Burneika, USA
Ronny Rockell, Germany
Vladimir Agrinskiy, Russia
Dainius Barzinskas, Lithuania
Alex Shabunia, Belorussia
Nikitas Manolakas, Greece
Oleg Emelianov, Russia
Timo Honkala, Finland
Mario Van Steenberghe, Belgium
Rudy Richards, USA
Jeno Kiss, Hungary
Alexandre Nataf, France

Bikini Pro Stars
2013 Nordic Pro Bikini Winner Anna Virmajoki will defend her title and 2013 Arnold Amateur Winner Sara Back from Finland will do her Pro Debut. It’s like Finnish Pro Bikini Championships, but there is much more competitors who can win this show…

Pro Bikini
Anna Virmajoki, Finland
Sara Back, Finland
Margret Gnarr, Iceland
Christina Strom Fjaere, Norway
Aly Garcia, USA
Lacey DeLuca, USA
Tawna Eubanks, USA
Jessica Renee, USA
Valeria Ammirato, Saksa
Noemi Olah, Hungary
Michelle Lewin, Venezuela
Anna Larsson, Sweden

Tickets to Nordic Pro Championships:
– Pro Men’s Bodybuilding
– Pro Bikini
– Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships finals
– Including Daily Expo Ticket

A-section (middle section seats), tickets 70 €
TicketMaster Finland price 73,50 € (includes 3,50 € TicketMaster Finland expenses)

B-section (side seats), tickets 50 €
TicketMaster Finland price 53,50 € (includes 3,50 € TicketMaster Finland expenses)