mens world championships 2014by Andrew Michalak

The weigh-in and official registration took the whole Thursday evening. Nearly 200 bodybuilders from over 50 countries have been registered. Among them many previous world and continental champions. It happens this year that most of the last year’s world champions come to defend their titles! First of all, the 2013 World Championships overall winner Mohamed Zakaria of Egypt. It is an unique situation as overall winners usually stopped to compete at the Worlds, turning pro or avoiding the risk to lose the title.

Despite the 2013 overall champion, there will be the next overall champion: Jose Carlos Santos (Brazil), who won his overall title in 2002 in Cairo and now will try to regain it. Santos is the second most successful amateur bodybuilder after famous El Shahat Mabrouk (Egypt), winning altogether 6 world titles in the 65 kg category. And the next sensation Among former world champions coming here to regain the title we can the 1994 world champion Eduard Derzapf (Germany). He won this title exactly 20 years ago and still in shape, having a famous daughter, world top bodyfitness star Angela Derzapf.

In the 60 kg category: 2012 and 2013 world champion Seung-Hoon Lee (Korea) came to fight for his third-in-a-row world title. 2012 Worlds bronze medal winner Daniel Luna (Ecuador), 2014 NPC Team Universe winner Adam Weinberg (USA) and 2014 Asian champion Y.M. Amila (Sri Lanka) will try to stop him.

In the 65 kg category: two 2013 Worlds finalists: silver medal winner Amr Bosily (Egypt) and 5th place winner Kim Suk (Korea). Plus 2014 Asian Championships winner Subash Siriwardana and runner-up (60 kg class) Ranil Silva (both of Sri Lanka) and 2013 South American champion Daniel Pinanjota (Ecuador).

In the 70 kg category: the 2013 world champion Kyoung-Yun Nam (Korea) will meet six-time world champion from 65 kg class Jose Carlos Santos (Brazil). Then, the 2013 runner-up Mohammed Imbaby (Egypt) and bronze medal winner Makoto Tashiro (Japan). Also the 2013 European champion Miroslav Skadra (Slovakia), 2013 Arnold USA winner Marcin Kosel (Poland), 2014 Arnold Europe winner Antonio Herrera (Spain), 2014 Arnold USA winner Lee Lap Chi (Hong Kong) and the NPC Team Universe winner Aaron Johnson (USA). Also South American champion Romenildo Oliveira (Brazil). Amazing set of champions from different competitions. Now they will meet on one stage to prove who is the best.

In the 75 kg category almost all finalists from the previous championships: gold medal winner Sajad Niknampour (Iran); the bronze medal winner Anwar Al Balushi (Oman) and the 4th place winner Ismail Khaled (Egypt). And sensational comeback of three former world champions: Corrado Maggiore (Italy) Eduardo Derzapf (Germany) and Jorge Matute (Ecuador). Plus 2011 Arnold USA winner Jesus Britos (Paraguay), 2013 European Championships runner-up Yalchin Mammadov (Azerbaijan), 2014 European champion Danijel Miklecic (Croatia) and 2014 NPC Team Universe winner Daniel Cruz (USA). Four world champions in one category!

 In the 80 kg category: the 2013 world champion Babak Akbarnia (Iran) came to regain the title.His main challengers: last year’s runner-up from the 75 kg class Song-Hwan Kim (Korea), 2012 bronze medal winner Osama Salama (Egypt), 2013 runner-up Abdelkader Ben Abdellah (Algeria) and 4th place winner Zohir Mihoubi (both of Algeria). Plus 2011 Worlds bronze medal winner Igor Losev (Russia), 2013 European champion Jan Sotak (Slovakia), 2014 Asian champion Ali Rostamani (Iran), 2014 NPC Team Universe overall winner Ronald  Caldwell (USA). Then, 2012 Arnold Europe winner Karol Malecki (Poland), 2012 South American classic bodybuilding overall winner Julian Paredes (Argentina) and top Australian star Billy Magee.

In the 85 kg category, the 2013 world champion Hadi Choopan (Iran) and runner-up Mohamed Djamed (Algeria). Then 2007 and 2010 Worlds runner-up Mahmoud El Fadaly (Egypt) who lost the silver medal last year due to his improper behavior on stage, will try to grasp the “gold” this time. The next candidates to the top positions will be: 2014 Arnold Europe winner Abel Martin Perez Spain) and last year Worlds finalist Raul Martinez (Venezuela).  Also 2012 Amateur Olympia runner-up Suhas Khamkar (India), 2012 South American Championships runner-up Eduardo Miranda (Argentina) and the 2014 European Championships runner up and former world top classic bodybuilder Mariusz Balazinski (Poland).

 In the 90 kg category: the next famous star: Ahmed El Sadany (El Wardany) from Egypt – 3-time world champion (2009-2011) and 2-time Amateur Olympia winner. Last year in the 2nd place, behind Kamal Abdul Salam. Then the current European overall champion Szymon Lada (Poland) and the current Asian overall winner Khalil Asadi (Iran). Three great champions from three continents. Also the 2014 Worlds 4th place winner Ahemd Al Harthi (Oman) and 2012 runner-up Mammad Pashayi (Azerbaijan). The next continent, Australia, will be represented by Chris Thomas. Among South American stars we can see two Brazilians: Andrey Silva and Diego Cezimbra.

95 kg category: this is a new category, included for the first time, so no previous champions. Among famous competitors who will compete in this class we can see the bronze medal winner in 90 kg class Andriy Kukharchuk (Ukraine), who then went to the World Classic Bodybuilding Championships and won the world title. Now back in the extreme bodybuilding again. Then, the 2012 European Championships overall winner Peter Tatarka (Slovakia), 2010 European champion Antonio Furic (Croatia), former European champion and 2010 Worlds 3rd place winner Vugar Verdiyev (Azerbaijan), 2014 South American champion Jose Reartes (Argentina) and former Asian champion (2010) Isa Al-Hasni (Oman).

In the 100 kg category, the 2013 world champion Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk (Ukraine). Then two famous stars from Brazil: 2013 Arnold USA winner Alex dos Anios and 2012 Arnold Europe winner Cristovão Santiago Pinheiro. Plus 2013  European champion and 2014 Arnold Europe 3rd place winner Reza Zinatlov (Azerbaijan) and 2013 South American Championships overall winner Cesar Quispe (Peru), 2008 Arnold USA runner-up Jorge Asp (Argentina), 2014 South American champion and 2010 overall winner Gonzalo Arrua (Argentina). From Poland, 2014 European Championships runner-up Przemyslaw Owczarek. And the 2013 World Junior Championships overall winner Tim Budesheim (Germany), who already proved he is ready to fight against top seniors, finishing 2nd at the 2013 Arnold Europe and winning the latest German Qualifier to the World Championships.

Over 100 kg category: the 2013 world champion and overall winner Mohamed Zakaria (Egypt), 2012 bronze medal winner Attia Shaalan (Egypt), 2011 runner-up Andrzej Kolodziejczyk (Poland), 2014 Asian champion Abdulhadi Al-Khayat (Kuwait)., former Asian champion Fuad Raed (Bahrain), Amateur Olympia Africa 3rd place winner Shanti Mitchell (South Africa) and 2011 South American champion Luis Gigena (Argentina).

Semifinals will start at 10:00 local time (12:00 GMT; 13:00 CET) on Friday, then finals on 15:00 (17:00 GMT) on Saturday.


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