Cedric McMillanThis weekend the 2015 Arnold Sports Weekend in Brazil takes place.

Obviously the main attraction will be the Men’s Bodybuilding Open category.

If you have been following the sport closely, the judging has come under heavy scrutiny since the 2015 Arnold Classic in the USA.

The biggest names had made comments about some of the judging decisions, but when Arnold Schwarzenegger showed his disbelief on the placing of Cedric McMillan at the 2015 Arnold Classic USA, fans and competitors started to listen.

At the IFBB Europa Show – Orlando, head judge Lee Thompson made an announcement that waist sizes will be taken into consideration.

Following those comments of Arnold, IFBB Bodybuilding Legend Berry de Mey also made it a point to say that Cedric McMillan is the future of bodybuilding on social media.

Other sites such as RXMuscle.com and Muscular Development all have discussed this problem.

The message is out there and the future of bodybuilding is in the hands of the judges.

According to many, if the sport continues on this path, the sport or the art of bodybuilding will die a slow death.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, when a judge looks at a bodybuilder, the first question he or she should ask is “would I want to look like that?”.

Bodybuilding has to get back to its roots. A perfect V-Shape, small waist, vacuum poses and a more athletic look.

Some say, if you want a classic look, you should follow the Physique division…. But this has nothing to do with it.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net supports every category in the sport, BUT bodybuilding is bodybuilding and we want to see those great poses and great sculptured physiques. The physique division comes nowhere close to this.

The judges will have a lot of eyes on them this weekend and it will be a test as a vast line-up of bodybuilders will be competing from giants to classic looking physiques.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will surely want to see this situation fixed from the last Arnold Classic, and if it is not, the legend of the sport will have a duty to make it right!

Now we just wait for the outcome……