arnold 2015 preview womenLet’s have a look into the women’s divisions:
Women’s fitness
Looks great! Altogether 15 athletes. In the short class world champion Dominika Multanova (Slovakia) and bronze medal winner Emma Pavaley (United Kingdom). Also 3rd at the 2014 North American Championships Kim Scoffins (Canada) and the 6th place winner Toni Wheeler (USA). Mexican star Julia Luz Sanchez performed in bodyfitness but now will try in fitness. Similar, the second Mexican, Sandra Grajales, who was the runner-up in bodyfitness at the 2014 World Junior Championships.
In the tall class last year’s Arnold Europe winner Giorgia Foroni (Italy) and finalist of the European Championships and Arnold Europe, Milica Narancic (Serbia). Plus 2014 NPC Emeralds Cup runner-up Kelley Durbin-Williams. Also Dr. Venus Ramos M.D. who, beside competing, will deliver a lecture in the frame of the America’s Next Great Trainer Continuing Education Series, speaking about Common Workout Mistakes and Fixes and how to prevent injuries.

Women’s bodyfitness (figure)
Altogether 102 competitors, with the 163 cm category as the most popular one (31 athletes). Most of them are “the physiques of the future”, with less or no international starts until now. We can see some former bikini fitness competitors who turned to bodyfitness like Roberta Visintainer (Italy). One last year winner Rachel Killam (Canada) will come to regain the title in 170 cm class and will meet the next top Canadian star and the World Championships bronze medal winner Barbara Molyneaux. This battle should be very close and exciting. Most athletes come from the USA but Canada enters a very strong team, with many national champions and international stars. Most surprising? Competitors from Mongolia and India, who will battle first time in this division in Columbus. South American top stars: the latest continental championships runner-up Michele da Silva Pinto (Brazil) and the World Championships finalist Janaina Ferreira (Brazil). From Mexico: North American Championships bronze medal winner Azusena Cardenas, from Russia: last year Arnold 3rd place winner Iaroslava Nikolaeva.

Up to 155 cm category (Class A)
Only 9 competitors, from USA and Canada only. Chie Terui was 6th in 2013, Brenley Rosenblatt finished 3rd at the last year’s Canadian Nationals.

Up to 159 cm category (Class B)
In the line-up of 14 competitors two well-known names: finalist of the 2012 Worlds and 2014 Arnold USA Janaina Ferreira (Brazil) and finalist of the 2014 Arnold Europe and the Worlds: Roberta Visintainer (Italy). She was the runner-up in Columbus in 2013 but in bikini-fitness B Class. Also former top junior Leidy Hernandez (Spain), 2013 finalist Michelle Bailey (Trinidad & Tobago) and Kristine Finsaas (Hong Kong), originally from Norway, who works as a fitness trainer in Hong Kong now and participated at the 2014 Ben Weider’s Diamond Cup but in the taller class (maybe there is a mistake in the list).

Up to 163 cm category (Class C)
The most popular category with over 30 competitors. Among them athletes from so distant countries like Mongolia and India. Most experienced ones are: last year 3rd place winner Iaroslava Nikolaeva (Russia) and Cristina Menini (Italy). From Brazil last year Worlds top 10 Leticia Vecchi and 2014 South American Championships runner-up Michele da Silva Pinto, from USA 2014 Emerald Cup runner-up Amani Moss.

Up to 167 cm category (Class D)
All of them as rising stars. Oksana Balanyuk (USA) was the 5th place winner last year. Others participated in former Arnolds like Zuleica Resende and Carli Terepka (both of USA) or Marsela Ilic (Serbia).

Up to 170 cm category (Class E)
Last year winner Rachel Killam (Canada) comes to regain the title. She will meet the 2014 World Championships bronze medal winner Barbara Molyneaux (Canada) and 2014 Canadian champion Kelly King. Category dominated by the Canadian girls?

Over 170 cm category (Class F)
Once again many top Canadian stars, with 2014 Canadian champion Denean Arntson and bronze medal winner Monika Kaczmarski plus two other finalists: Robyn Askew and Teri Donald. Also 2013 North American Championships bronze medal winner Azusena Cardenas (Mexico) and Olympia Amateur Africa 4th place winner Delyse Botes (South Africa).