arnold bikini 2015 amateurWOMEN’S BIKINI FITNESS
Altogether 222 competitors, with two most popular categories: up to 163 cm (51 athletes) and over 170 cm (46 athletes). Mostly new competitors but also experienced stars with longer international career. Among them we can see the winners of many top IFBB international competitions, including World Championships, Amateur Olympias and Arnolds: world champion Sabina Plevakova (Slovakia), Worlds runner-up Amanda Lima (Brazil), Arnold Europe winner Virag Kiss (Hungary), Arnold Brazil winner Julenoy Dias (Brazil), Olympia Amateur Africa champion Angela Howden (South Africa), Olympia Amateur Latin America winner Marcia Goncalves (Brazil). Bikini Olympia runner-up Karina Skowronska (United Kingdom).
Regarding the former Arnold USA top stars, Kerri Keller (USA) will come to regain the title won last year. The other stars are: Julie Royer and Jen Trotman (both of Canada), Maide Nogueira (Brazil), Tiffany Inboden, Cara Dukes, Brittany Brinkman and Jill Bunny (all from the USA).
Looking at the Nomination List, it’s obvious that, beside the US Team, Canada and Brazil enter the biggest and strongest teams. Then Mexico and Italy. Also Central America and Caribbean are represented by numerous athletes. But we can also see competitors from so distant countries like New Zealand, Philippines, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, and South Africa. Nobody from Australia, less athletes from Europe, South-East Asia and South America. Why? They don’t need to go to Arnold Classic USA in Columbus because… Arnold Classic will come to them later this year, having locations in Melbourne (just a week later), Rio de Janeiro (end of May) and Madrid (end of September).
Anyway, these 222 bikini beauties, spread among 6 categories, will provide a lot of excitement, charm and elegance, showing their perfect bodies of modern times.

Up to 155 cm category (Class A)
Only 9 competitors, most of them from the USA but also from Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Russia. The best-known are two Canadians: 2013 Arnold USA 5th place winner Jen Trotman and 2014 World Championships semifinalist Karen Pham.

Up to 159 cm category (Class B)
The number of participants jumps to 35 and the quality as well. We will see 2013 world champion Sabina Plevakova (Slovakia) and 2013 Arnold Europe winner Virag Kiss (Hungary). This will be their first meet and tough battle. Plus 2014 World Championships runner-up Amanda Lima (Brazil), 2014 Olympia Amateur Latin America 2nd place winner Danitza Espino and 3rd place winner Nancy Rodriguez (both of Mexico) and 2014 Arnold Brazil winner Julenoy Dias (Brazil). Also the Worlds 5th place winner Jaana Malytcheva (Finland), 2013 Arnold USA 7th place winner Maria Ferrari (USA), top NPC junior Mandi Ashley (USA) and top Scandinavian girl Caroline Aspenskog (Sweden). And what about unknown athletes from such countries as Lebanon (Nahed Abdul Sater), Philippines (Larissa Evidente and Sherry Junsay) or El Salvador (Flor Moran)? Hidden dark horses?

Up to 163 cm category (Class C)
The bigger category at this year Arnold: 51 competitors. How to place all of them on the stage? Seems impossible. Two 2014 Arnold USA finalists: 4th place winner Julie Royer (Canada) and 5th place winner Maide Nogueira (Brazil). Top girls from the 2014 Eastern European Cup: 2nd place winner Elena Burova and 3rd place winner Alena Kaufman (both of Russia)? Maybe last year Arnold 7th place finisher Jessica Stefanini (Italy) or 2014 Olympia Amateur Africa 3rd place winner Nicolene Booysen (South Africa)? There will also be the 2014 Worlds finalist Sauyuri Torres (Brazil) and top Asian bikini athlete Marina Shumakova (Kazakhstan). Who knows?

Up to 167 cm category (Class D)
Still big number of 37 athletes, with the 2014 queen Kerri Keller (USA), who will try to regain the title, plus 3rd place winner Tiffany Inboden and 5th place winner Cara Dukes (both of USA). Among challengers we can see 2014 Olympia Amateur Africa champion Angela Howden (South Africa) and three CAC stars: CAC champion Nora Prado (Mexico), Vanessa Hill and Jamie-Lee Phillips (both of Trinidad &Tobago).

Up to 170 cm category (Class E)
Still over 30 athletes and two great stars: 2014 Olympia Amateur Latin America winner and 2014 Arnold Europe runner-up Marcia Goncalves (Brazil) and 2014 Amateur Bikini Olympia and European Championships runner-up Karina Skowronska (United Kingdom). Also 2014 South American Championships bronze medal winner Mariana Pereira (Brazil), last year Arnold USA 8th place winner Irina Vasilyeva (Russia) and Arnold Europe 7th place winner Frida Paulsen (Sweden).

Over 170 cm category (Class F)
The second longest class, with 46 athletes. Among them few international stars: 2013 Arnold Brazil runner-up Josiane Weber (Brazil), world top bikini master star and 2014 World Masters Championships bronze medal winner Gabriella Rakoczi (Hungary). Plus 2014 European Championships 4th place winner Oksana Davydova (Ukraine) and 2014 Worlds semifinalists: Nicole Muller (Brazil) and Rebecca Burger (France). Plus two 2014 Arnold USA finalists: 3rd place winner Brittany Brinkman and : 5th place winner Jill Bunny (both of USA). And coming back 2012 Arnold USA runner-up Olga Svyrdova (USA).