15973-cedric-mcmillan-41_finalGet all the news of the 2015 IFBB Dallas Pro and Golden State Championships right here.

Its getting close to the 2015 Olympia Weekend and the Pro’s need all the points they can get to make sure they are qualified.

IFBB Golden State Photos and Results by Muscular Development

IFBB Dallas Pro Photos and Results – Muscular Development

Dallas Pro Check-in Photos by Muscular Development

Photos: 2015 Golden State Pro – Eastlabs.sk

Cedric McMillan has beat out Manuel Romero to win the bodybuilding division at the 2015 IFBB Golden State Pro.

Harold Kelley, Lea Beaumont & Jorge Gonzalez win the wheelchair bodybuilding, bikini & men’s physique divisions at the 2015 IFBB Dallas Pro.