mediablackout2Our friends at have revealed a truly negative story regarding bodybuilding and the media.

RxMuscle applied for press passes to the 2015 Europa Pro show at the end of August, to get a reply from the promoters denying them the pass. This is what one of the event organisers, Betty Pariso had to say:

“We now own our media content and we want to drive all traffic to our own social sites.  Therefore, at this time we are not granting press passes.”

As an owner of a website that was created for the purpose of promoting the sport and new athletes, this is truly disgusting.

How the hell can we promote a sport already on a decline, when promoters ban the press. The sport needs us more than ever!!

I would understand if they deny our site a press pass as we are one of the newcomers, but denying the heavyweights is really crazy.

We are not only giving RxMuscle our 100% backing on this, but we will not cover the event the way we usually do. We might post some results but that is it!!

Our friends over at also feel the same way and we are all working as a team on this. Joe Pietaro wrote a great article on this as well and you should read it  by clicking HERE

Without the media, bodybuilding shows would not be what they are today!

What does the IFBB Pro League or the other big heads of the sport have to say about something like this!!

It makes a person think twice about who they should or should not promote!

What a sad day for the sport of bodybuilding!

This is the footage of Dave Palumbo revealing the story!! You can read their article HERE