2015-ifbb-world-fitness-championships-budapest-9by Andrew Michalak

Conveniently located in Central Europe, Budapest has always brought new records of participation. According to the Final Entry Forms sent by the IFBB-affiliated National Federations, 488 competitors representing 53 countries are going to come to Budapest this year to fight for the World Fitness Championships titles and medals.
First time in the recent years the number of fitness girls reached 30 in total. Also men’s fitness category with 18 athletes is a record-breaking number. First time an elimination round will be needed! Hungarian Federation President Istvan Huber and General Secretary Viola Vargha are very active. They had 3 weeks only after the European Children Fitness Championships to be ready for the World Fitness Championships, which will start on November

FRIDAY: Important change to schedule: due to the huge number of entries, Official Registration will be run all the day on Friday (with a break for Technical Meeting at 17:00).

SATURDAY (start at 10:00):
– Men’s and Women’s Fitness semifinals (Rounds 1 and 2)
– Women’s Physique 163 cm and over 163 cm: prejudging and finals
– Women’s Physique overall
– Men’s Physique 170 cm and 174 cm: prejudging and finals
– Women’s Bikini-Fitness 160 cm, 163 cm and 166 cm: prejudging and finals
– Mixed Pairs: finals
– Fitness Model showSUNDAY (start at 09:00):
– Men’s and Women’s Fitness finals (Rounds 3 and 4)
– Women’s Fitness overall
– Women’s Bodyfitness 158 cm, 163 cm, 168 cm, over 168 cm: prejudging and finals
– Women’s Bodyfitness overall
– Men’s Physique 178 cm and over 178 cm: prejudging and finals
– Men’s Physique overall
– Women’s Bikini-Fitness 169 cm, 172 cm and over 172 cm: prejudging and finals
– Women’s Bikini-Fitness overall


Last year’s world champion Dominika Multanova doesn’t come, so the doors to the world title are open for other stars like 2014 medal winners: Kristina Koroljak (Estonia) and Emma Paveley (United Kingdom). Then Anna Dudushkina (Russia), Nikolett Szabo (Hungary), Tatyana Volkova (Kazakhstan). During the recent year Koroljak won over Dudushkina at the European Championships but Dudushkina paid back winning the Arnold Europe and then Olympia Prague. Who will be able to challenge them in the battle for the gold medal? European Games 2nd place winner Nikolett Szabó will be there. Szabo won the routine round at a couple of events, so if improved her physique could be a demanding challenger but it is not a quick process. Barbara Sales Cadena (Spain) won the routine round at Arnold Europe (over Koroljak, Dudushkina and Szabo!) but needs to improve her body quality. If did it, may be a serious candidate for the top trophy. Claire McGrath (Ireland) won over Paveley at Olympia Liverpool, so might be a dark horse of this event.

Last year’s world champion winner Liudmila Nikitina will not come but silver medal winner Oksana Orobets (Ukraine) will come. Who can stop her in her route to the world title? The top three from the European Championships: Endla Vaher (Estonia), Kata Palásthy (Hungary) or Tatiana Dvortsova (Russia)? Former children fitness superstars: Dorottya Agoston (Hungary) and Tatiana Kozuchova (Slovakia) have the same problem to be solved.

Last year’s world champion Fedir Khashalov will not come but his “shadow” and the Worlds runner-up Nazar Kharkhun will compete. Also former world champion and 2015 European Championships runner-up Oleg Anissimov (Estonia). This seems to be a top duel for the gold medal. Carlos Garcia (Spain) won the routine round at Arnold Europe and is continuously improving. Aleksandr Abramov (Russia) won the latest Eastern European Championships. Dario Molina (Ecuador) took the overall title at the South American Championships. And there are many less-known competitors from Brazil, China, South Africa and Turkey that a dark horse may be hidden among them…

From the previous World Championships medal winners only Alina Čepurnienė (Lithuania) will come to Budapest. She is a former world champion and the current European overall champion. Her latest contests were not so successful (6th at Olympia Spain and 9th at Arnold Europe) but if in a peak condition she is unbeatable. At the recent Grand Prix PEPA in Opava she won over Diana Dudziak (Poland) and Andrijana Dabic (Austria). Fernanda Gutilla Sierrra (Brazil) was 5th in Montreal last year then won the 2015 Arnold Brazil. Then the top four from the latest Arnold Europe: Ekaterina Grima (Ukraine), Mariia Akizhanova (Ukraine) and Andrijana Dabic (Austria). Cristina Sevilla (Ecuador) was the 2014 South American overall champion.

Last year’s world champion Silvia Fraga will not come but the rest medal winners: Cristina Arellano (Spain) and Giuditta Magazzino (Italy) will come. Arellano is the current European champion. Also two more finalists from Montreal: 4th place winner Rachel Foster (Canada) and 6th place winner Brigidene O’Shaughnessy (Australia). From the European Championships, bronze medal winner Halina Tsitova (Belarus) and 4th place winner Maria Wattel (Netherlands). Marjorie Beck (Brazil) started the season with 5th place at Arnold USA but then exploded with great victory at Olympia Liverpool, where she won over Arellano! In Budapest will be the next true test of her current possibilities.

Last year’s world champion Veronica Gallego turned Pro but the bronze medal winner Angela Derzapf (Germany) will come. It was not her best performance but she is able to win any contest if in peak condition (already won Arnold USA, Arnold Europe and European Championships). It will be her third appearance at the World Championships, having silver (2012) and bronze (2014) medals. Now she will have a good opportunity to complete her collection with the gold one. Most serious opponents? Probably Roberta Visintainer (Italy) – always in the finals of top international competitions but with no medals. Maybe this time will be more fortunate? Inna Trofymenkova (Ukraine) – 3rd place in 2013 and 4th position in 2014. Serious candidate for some medal. Galina Deikhina (Russia) won silver medal at the recent Eastern European Championships in St. Petersburg. Maria Mernes (Argentina) was very successful in South America, winning the continental overall title in 2014 and gold medal this year. It will be her debut at the Worlds.

Last year’s world champion and overall winner Gabriela Szabo will not come but the bronze medal winners: Margita Zámolová (Czech Republic) as well as the next three finalists: Zrinka Fišer (Croatia), Julie Oftedal (Norway) and Cristina Romano (Italy) will be fighting for top trophies this year. Plus European champion Antonina Lazukova (Russia) who won over Fišer in Santa Susanna. Cristina Menini (Italy) also likes to perform in the finals. Bienvenida Bevia (Spain) finished 2nd at Olympia Spain, ahead of Visintainer and Cepurniene. Lorena Luciani (Argentina) won the bronze medal at the South American Championships. Oftedal won the Nicole Wilkins Championships in Lahti.

The longest line-up with 33 competitors. Last year’s world champion Adela Ondrejovicova turned Pro and from among the finalists only 4th place winner Hanna Saario (Finland) and 5th place winner Michaela Ružičkova (Czech Republic) will come to Budapest. Also Aurelia Sefi (Canada) who won the bronze medal in the 163 cm class. But 2014 European overall champion and 2015 Arnold Europe winner Olena Chumakova (Ukraine) seems to be a favorite. At Olympia Europe in Prague Chumakova won over Renata Beningno-Wisskirchen (Germany) who also comes to Budapest. From the latest European Championships we will see the runner-up Roberta Arecco (Italy) and bronze medal winner Tatsiana Belavinskaya (Belarus). Then 2014 Arnold Europe winner Eva Rusan (Croatia) who won over Zrinka Fišer at the latest Maxximum Cup in Slovenia.

The Russian trio: Yulia Ushakova, Olga Shestoperova and Anna Kalugina looks very powerful. Ushakova has been the most successful competitor among them. In 2011 she did something unbelievable: won the European junior overall, then European women overall, finishing with the world women overall title. But later on she began to lose some contests like 2012 European Championships (3rd place) or 2013 World Championships (2nd place). It is not easy to transform your body from young junior girl to mature woman. After two-year break we will see Ushakova once again. At the recent Eastern European Championships on November 1st, 2015, she won her class ahead of Shestoperova and Kalugina as well as the overall title over Lazukova and Nikolayeva, proving that she is in a top body condition again. Taking the above into account, we can say that Ushakova will be a strong favorite. Kalugina finished 2nd at Arnold USA, what counts, while Shestoperova entered the finals of Arnold Europe. South American star Eliana Romano (Argentina) won, beside the continental title, also this year’s Arnold Brazil.
Lesley Barents (Netherlands) finished 3rd at Olympia Liverpool but then jumped to the 1st position at the Nicole Wilkins Championships. The other demanding opponents: South American Championships runner-up Carolina de Almeida (Brazil), Olympia Africa runner-up Marcelle Collison (South Africa), Arnold Australia 3rd place finisher Emillie-Jean Bisgrove-Cole, Nicole Wilkins Championships runner-up Jeanette Dalseghagen (Norway), Arnold Europe 3rd place winner Tatyana Tymoshenko (Switzerland).

Top two from the previous Worlds: Sandra Jokic and Amanda Lima turned Pro. Bronze medal winner Maria Aranguren (Spain) will come. Also the 4th place winner Svitlana Sydorenko (Ukraine). They will meet the other stars: Arnold Europe top two: Oxana Zaikovskaya and Yulia Khotkina (both of Russia), Olympia Europe winner Lubica Beresova (Slovakia) and 2013 Arnold Europe winner Virag Kiss (Hungary), almost always in the 4th position this year (at the European Championships, Arnold Europe and Olympia Liverpool). In front of her own audience she will try to reach maybe even gold medal. Other challengers: European Championships finalist Paula Mocior (Poland) and Grand Prix PEPA overall winner Laima Petrukonytė (Lithuania). And there is one great absentee: Slovak superstar Sabina Plevakova. After wining Arnold USA and European Championships in the spring season, she participated in a couple of events in the recent months but has never won, finishing 2nd at Olympia Prague and Olympia Liverpool. Can’t reached her peak body condition? Probably needs more time for regeneration.

The world champion Hanna Garbos (Poland) is coming to regain the title. The other 2014 finalists: 4th place winner Rodika Bodrug (Sweden) and 6th place winner Stanislava Pritrska (Slovakia). Earlier this year Bodrug won the European Championships and Pritrska moved up the 3rd place. But at Arnold Europe Bodrug was pushed down to the 2nd place by new star from Russia Anastasiia Volkova, who will appear in Budapest together with her team-mate and 3rd place winner in Madrid Elizaveta Mukminova. From Olympia Spain we will see the runner-up Anastasiya Kabanova and from Olympia Prague – 3rd place winner Tetiana Prykhodko (both of Ukraine). Plus Nicole Wilkins Championships runner-up Mirjam da Silva (Germany), Olympia Liverpool sensational winner Daria Malykh (Greece), who won over the world champion Hanna Garbos (they were tied 12:12). And Nicole Wilkins Championships winner Elisabeth Wangen (Norway) plus South American star Kim Gutierrez (Chile).

Last year champion Juliana Dantas turned Pro but the runner-up Denisa Hargasova (Slovakia) and Hungarian megastar Diana Salamon will participate in. In this year Hargasova added the European Championships title as well as Olympia Prague victory. Salamon was the runner-up at the European Championships (but in 166 cm class), finished 3rd at Arnold Europe, Olympia Spain and Olympia Prague but won Olympia Liverpool. But they will meet three very demanding opponents: Arnold Europe winner Ekaterina Krasavina (Russia), runner-up from Arnold Europe and Olympia Prague Aleksandra Mikucka (Latvia) as well as Nicole Wilkins Championships winner Madelen Myhr (Sweden). Plus European Championships and Arnold Europe finalist Henriikka Klemetti (Finland) and South American champion Eliana Medina (Venezuela).

37 athletes on the list, among them one megastars: Oksana Brygidyr (Ukraine), who won the European Championships (over Valeria Marcisovska and Reet Reimets) and Olympia Prague (over Diana Salamon). 2014 world champion Olga Viazmetinova turned Pro but the bronze medal winner Camilla Back (Finland) and 6th place winner Caroline Deveaux (France) will come. Back was not at her top condition at the Nicole Wilkins Championships in Lahti (14th place), so we will see if she managed to improve. Reet Reimets regularly enters the finals of the international contests and won bronze medal at the European Championships, so will play an important role in this game. Melisa Pecini (Brazil) was 3rd at Arnold Brazil this year and South American champion Eliana Medina (Venezuela).

Last year world champion Alla Semenova turned Pro but her three followers will appear in Budapest: Kristina Nuut (Estonia), Brigitta Békefi (Hungary) and Kathrin Pfefferkorn (Weishaupt). It will be an interesting return battle. Also the current European champion Nini Gothler (Denmark) and the top two from Olympia Prague: Veronika Gulasova and Saskia Cakoci (both of Slovakia) as well as European Championships bronze medal winner Mariia Kvasnikova (Ukraine). Also a lot of new competitors who are dreaming to get to the finals.

The next intriguing combat of three megastars: word champion Olga Putrova (Russia), the runner-up Olivia Pohankova (Slovakia) and the European Championships overall winner Kseniia Sheveleva (Russia). But Adéla Storzerová (Czech Republic) won over all of them at Olympia Prague and placed between Sheveleva and Pohankova at the European Championships. This battle will be extremely exciting! Who else? Usually finishing just behind them Veronika Seržante (Latvia) plus World Championships finalists: Jaclyn Phillips (Canada) and Biliana Yotovska (Bulgaria).

World champion Carlos Nunez (Spain) will be there to fight for the next title. His main opponent will be his colleague from the Spanish team, 2015 European champion and Olympia Liverpool winner Alexis Gonzalez. Their direct clash at the 2015 European Championships ended with Gonzalez triumph over Nunez but at the 2014 European Championships there was the opposite order. This time it will be a return battle. Who could join them? European Championships bronze medal winner Sebastian Mansla (Germany), Arnold Europe 4th place winner Renatas Suleimanovas (Lithuania), European Championships 5th place winner Kamran Elyasi Sarzali (Finland) or World Championships 6th place winner Dávid Eszteri (Hungary). Why nobody from the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Syria)? They took many top places at Arnolds and other contests in the passing year.

From the previous World Championships finals the silver medal winner Henrique de Carvalho (France). He was also the runner-up at 2014 European Championships. Then Olympia Prague winner Johannes Falke (Germany) and top two form the Eastern European Championships: Dmitrii Vorobei and Aleksandr Timofeev (both of Russia) as well as Olympia Spain winner Juan Faro (Spain). Plus Arnold Europe winner and Olympia Liverpool runner-up Nelson Ferreira Rodrigues (Portugal). From South America, Arnold Brazil finalist Daniel da Matta (Brazil).

From the previous Worlds the silver medal winner and former European champion and Arnold Europe winner Grzegorz Placzkowski (Poland). He will be challenged by 2013 world champion Valentin Petkov (Bulgaria) who later on was “punished” by the judges due to the bodybuilding-style muscularity and returned recently with transformed physique. Anyway, his predispositions are perfect. Also the European champion Jones Ahmad (Sweden), who in the autumn season dropped to the 2nd place at Olympia Prague and to the 3rd place at Olympia Liverpool. Will he be able to reverse this trend? Then Arnold USA 2nd place winner Andrea Mosti (Italy), who later on took the 3rd place at the European Championships and won Olympia Spain. Plus Arnold Europe runner-up Maxime Parisi (France) and 3rd place winner (in 175 cm class) Viugar Machmudov (Russia). Many equal-quality competitors.

The longest category with 35 competitors. Nobody from the finals of the previous Worlds in Montreal but top two from the recent European Championships: Jorge Sanchez (Spain) and Andre Merzdorf (Germany). Later on Merzdorf confirmed his top quality finishing 2nd at Olympia Prague. Also Arnold Europe finalist Tomica Milushevski (Macedonia). Plus interesting comeback of the 2014 European champion Ladislav Novy (Czech Republic) who won over Sanchez at that contest.



1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Austria
4. Azerbaijan
5. Belarus
6. Belgium
7. Bosnia & Herzegovina
8. Brazil
9. Bulgaria
10. Canada
11. Chile
12. China
13. Croatia
14. Czech Republic
15. Denmark
16. Ecuador
17. Egypt
18. Estonia
19. Finland
20. France
21. Germany
22. Greece
23. Hong Kong
24. Hungary
25. Iceland
26. Ireland
27. Italy
28. Japan
29. Kazakhstan
30. Kosovo
31. Latvia
32. Lithuania
33. Macedonia
34. Malta
35. Moldova
36. Montenegro
37. Netherlands
38. Norway
39. Poland
40. Portugal
41. Romania
42. Russia
43. Serbia
44. Slovakia
45. Slovenia
46. South Africa
47. Spain
48. Sweden
49. Switzerland
50. Turkey
51. Ukraine
52. United Kingdom
53. Venezuela