GulasovaThe 2015 IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships are taking place in San Salvador.

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PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – weight-in

PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Bodyfitness

PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Bikini OVERALL

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PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Bikini 166cm plus

PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Bikini 166cm

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PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Masters Bodyfitness

PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Masters Bodybuilding 2

PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Masters Bodybuilding 1

PHOTOS: 2015 World Salvador – Masters Bikini

by Andrew Michalak –

No relax for the IFBB officials! Work must go on! Top international events have been held weekend by weekend: after Olympia Amateur in Hong Kong, Sydney and Moscow, now it’s time for the last in this year World Championships. The world best juniors and masters are coming to San Salvador from all directions, from all corners of the globe. Sand Salvador will be the IFBB world capital in the upcoming weekend, December 11th to 14th, 2015.

This is the second in a row World Juniors and Masters Championships in Central America, following last year’s event in Morelia, Mexico, and the next opportunity for bigger participation of younger and older competitors from South and North America as well as from the CAC region. But other continents will also be represented, giving nearly 50 participating countries in total. IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja, General Secretary William Tierney with his wife Wanda, Judges Committee Chairman Pawel Filleborn are already there to work and supervise the event.

As usual, we can see a lot of new athletes in juniors categories, when the rotation is much bigger than in other age groups. Most of the last year’s champions turned 24 and have become seniors. But not in all categories. In Junior Men’s Fitness we will see all three medal winners from the previous year: Lucian-Constantin Popa (Romania), Dario Molina (Ecuador) and Mihai-Bogdan Moruz (Romania).
Junior Women’s Fitness was planned for 2 categories but it seems that one open class will be run, same as in the last year. From among the last year’s finalists only 5th place winner Karina Alvarez (Mexico) will come. She will be challenged by two European Championships runners-up: Dorottya Agoston (Hungary) and Tatiana Kozuchova (Slovakia). Both are former children fitness stars, who are climbing up in the junior’s hierarchy now.

Junior Men’s Bodybuilding: most of the previous champions are not junior now. In 75 kg category only the bronze medal winner Cedric Shelton (South Africa) will come and will have a demanding rivals: South American junior champion Otto Baeta (Brazil), European Championships finalist Joval Gordon (United Kingdom) and 13 other competitors. Among them Tomasz Marzec (Poland) who, as a junior, won the men’s national title in 75 kg class as well, showing an impressive physique. Nearly 15 competitors will be fighting for medals in the heavyweight, over 75 kg. Half of them from both Americas, half from Europe. Most of them new. Better known names are: European Championships finalist Radoslav Filip (Slovakia), Easter European Championships runner-up Pavel Kotlubaev (Russia) and 2014 European Championships finalist Kamil Tanwic (Poland). He is a real junior giant with 122 kg bodyweight at 194 cm body height but at the recent Polish Nationals lost to Mateusz Zagorowski, who may be a dark horse in San Salvador.

Junior Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: 2014 world champion Erik Halaska (Slovakia) is coming to regain the title. The rest are new competitors.

Junior Men’s Physique: Most of them are new faces, only the current European Championships silver medal winner Rafal Zabawa (Poland) and bronze medal winner Marius Varzaru (Romania) are better known.

Junior Women’s Bikini-Fitness: the short class up to 160 cm is the most popular one and two well-known stars will meet there: Arnold Europe junior winner Johanna Sander (Germany) and European Championships runner-up Paula Mocior (Poland) who also qualified to the top ten at the latest World Women’s Championships in Budapest. In the middle class, up to 166 cm we will see the 2014 world junior champion Timea Trajtelova (Slovakia) but the tall class, over 166 cm, will be the most exciting one, with former world champion Adéla Storzerová (Czech Republic) challenged by the current European women’s champion Denisa Hargasova and Arnold Europe bronze medal winner Veronika Gulasova and (both of Slovakia).

Master Men’s Bodybuilding:
we can expect a fantastic battle in the 40-49 years, up to 90 kg, where Arnold USA winner and Arnold Europe runner-up Luis Ricardo Plata (Colombia) will meet World Championships runner-up Fausto Caicedo (Ecuador), Arnold Europe 3rd place winner Josep Merino (Spain) and former South American champion Martín Lester (Argentina).
Not less interesting battle in the over 90 kg category, where the 2014 world champion Horst Wetterau (Germany) will come to regain the title but will meet so demanding opponents like 2014 European Championships runner-up Leif Hestad (Norway), Arnold USA 3rd place winner Mikhail Iusev and former European masters champion Sergei Cheremnykh (Russia).

2014 World Men’s Championships runner-up Daniel Luna (Ecuador) will meet the 2015 Arnold Europe runner-up Miguel Angel Lopez (Spain) in the 70 kg class. Arnold Europe winner Oscar Marin (Spain) and Arnold USA finalist Carlos Alamilla (Mexico) seemed to be favourites in 80 kg category.

In the group 50-59 years, up to 80 kg, we can so famous names like 2013 world champion Armando Villa (Spain), former World Men’s Championships finalist Milos Pavlu (Czech Republic) who will debut in maters and former European masters champion Gunnar Paasche (Germany), who left the IFBB in 2010 and after winning world titles in other organization, will come back to the IFBB now.
European masters champion Martin Schulz (Germany), South American masters champion Darío Sosa (Argentina) and 2013 World Championships runner-up Iñigo Ortiz De Mendivil (Spain) will be top players in the heavyweight, over 80 kg.
In the 60-65 years category two medal winner from the previous championships: Werner Zenk (Germany) and Farhang Rahimly (Sweden) will meet South American champion Victor Charcopa (Ecuador).

Also Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding will include top world stars. In 40-49 years group we will see last year’s runner-up Bogdan Nowakowski (Poland), 4th place winner Plamen Hristov (Bulgaria) and European Championships finalist Mario Schmidt (Germany). In the over 50 category: last year’s runner-up Mieczyslaw Nowacki (Poland) and European champion David Lopez (Spain).

Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness will be probably the biggest category, with over 20 competitors. Among them former World Women’s Championships finalist and European women’s champion Monika Rosenbergerova (Slovakia) and top two from the South American Championships: Cindy Karina Vega (Paraguay) and Paulova Saltos Cortez (Ecuador).

Master Women’s Bodyfitness: as usual many top stars. In the younger group 35-44 years: 2014 Worlds runner-up Nadia Isabella Pettersen (Norway), Arnold Europe masters champion Margita Zámolová (Czech Republic), 2014 Arnold USA women’s runner-up and 2014 South American women’s champion Lucrecia Tolkachier (Argentina) and Mediterranean champion Patricia Barbero (Spain). In the older group, over 45: 2013 world masters champion Yolanda Fernandez (Spain) and legendary former world (1996) and European(1995) women’s bodybuilding champion and two-time Ms. Olympia participant Zdenka Tvrda (Czech Republic).