2015 Nordic Pro Preview and Official competitor list


2015 Nordic Pro flyerThe 2015 Nordic Pro is with us again. Dexter Jackson will not be competing at this event, leaving a lot of question marks on who will finish at the top.

The big news is that, Cedric McMillan is making a comeback after pulling out from the 2015 Olympia due to illness.

As well Shawn Ray of Muscular Development gives us a preview this weekends events.

The official competitors list are also available for download.

  • 2015 Nordic Pro flyer
  • 2015 Nordic Pro competitorlist_fig
  • 2015 Nordic Pro competitor list_fit
  • 2015 Nordic Pro competitorlist_mbb


Muscular Development’s Shawn Ray previews this coming weekend’s 2015 IFBB Phoenix Europa. Hear who will be competing this weekend and who the top contenders are.