phil and bob webcast 2015The 2015 Olympia Weekend ‘Live’ saga continues today after Muscular Development’s Bob Cicherillo posted a very short post on the MD forum saying:

“Just because isn’t providing a webcast, doesn’t mean there wont be one… details soon”

This basically proves that will not be providing the ‘Live’ webcast feed.

Comments from Shawn Ray and now Bob Cicherillo basically made this a 100% fact.

Now, Bob Cicherillo has opened up a new door to this saga as he mentions that a company will be providing the bodybuilding fans with a ‘Live’ webcast. has sent questions to regarding their new ifbbtv channel, asking if they would be covering the 2015 Olympia weekend via ‘Live’ webcast but till writing this article we have had no answer. has also left a message on the MD Forum, but as usual they did not post our question because we are so called competitors.

Surely and will be revealing more about this story in the coming days.

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