All the latest news and highlights from the 2016 IFBB Amateur Olympia taking place in Russia this weekend!

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Athlete registration

Athlete Registration 2

Mens’s physique plus 184cm

Mens’s physique 184cm

Men’s Physique 178cm

Men’s Physique 163cm

Bodyfitness 163cm

Bodybuilding Plus 100kg

Bodybuilding 90kg

Bodybuilding 85kg

Bodybuilding 75kg

Bodybuilding 100kg

Bikini Plus 172cm

Bikini 172cm

Bikini 169cm

Bikini 163cm

Bikini 159cm

PHOTOS 2016 IFBB Power Pro by

Bikini Pro

Men’s Physique Pro


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2016 IFBB Moscow Pro (Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini) competitors list