The best athletes in the world will be fighting for the 2016 IFBB Mr. Olympia Europe crown.

The big competition will be taking place this weekend (21-22 October)

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Dexter Jackson wins the 2016 Olympia Europe

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IFBB Olympia Europe 2016 Pro Men´s Bodybuilding

Pre-Judging, Saturday, 22.10.16, 1 pm , Hall 6, Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Finals, Saturday, 22.10.16, 7 pm, Hall 6, Westfalenhallen Dortmund
Price Money, $100.000 (USD)

Competitors List:
Dexter Jackson
Shawn Rhoden
William Bonac
Cedric McMillian
Big Ramy
Michael Kefalianos
Alexey Shabunia
Alex Fedorov
Roelly Winklaar
Tomas Kaspar
Alexey Shibuya
Abdelaziz Jellali

Joe Weider’s German Cup by DBFV

Friday: Physique Hall 6 Expo Stage Saturday: Bikini Hall 6 Expo Stage, Bodybuilding, Hall 6 Expo Stage Saturday, Bodybuilding, Overall Finale – Hall 6

Olympia Europe Strongman Championships by Heinz Ollesch

Saturday, Hall 8 Strongman Ground

Olympia Europe Strongman Camp by Heinz Ollesch

Train like a Strongman
Friday and Saturday
Hall 8 Strongman Ground