Levron_PRO_ClassicThe Levrone Pro Classic is the first IFBB Pro professional bodybuilding competition organized in Poland. This is a sporting event, signed by Kevin Levrone, the world bodybuilding legend, and will be held during the biggest event in the fitness industry in Poland – the Fit Festival. Simultaneously with the competitions, bodybuilding stars of the famous Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic competitions will be appearing on stage. And the $60,000 prize pool will guarantee an amazing competition! You have to be there!

Joe Weider used to say that “Bodybuilding is a combination of sport, art and lifestyle”. This is one of the most spectacular and sophisticated sports, practiced by millions of people around the world. During the bodybuilding competition, athletes’ figures will be evaluated on different points, including:

  • muscle separation
  • muscle size
  • symmetry and physical proportions

Competitors will be assessed during a free posing round. This allows the judges to see the physique in motion to the rhythm of a selected music track. Competitors should present their developed muscle mass with a minimum amount of fat, and normal body proportions. Presentation of muscles during mandatory posing is very strenuous for athletes. Preparing for a bodybuilding contest requires thousands of hours of intense strength training, strict dieting and thorough analysis of progress.

levrone poster 2016Money prizes:

  • $60,000

Other prizes:

  • Supplement packages, gadgets and sport equipment

The Fit Festival

The FIT FESTIVAL is a unique event in Poland, combining a trade fair in the areas of sport, health and beauty, with one of the biggest sporting competitions in Europe. The first festival broke all records in terms of number of visitors, competition participants and prize amounts. The ambassador of the Fit Festival 2015 was Kevin Levrone – star of the bodybuilding world, and the companies participating in the event were delighted to be part of this annual celebration! After the first Fit Festival, Gdańsk was declared the capital of sport, and because of its location, the gateway to the Eastern markets.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a training and seminar program, providing new experiences and knowledge. We were encouraged by the huge success of last year’s festival and decided to add other disciplines to this year’s event, including MMA, K1 and BJJ fighting formulas, Cash Deadlift, Strong Man events and panels with the stars, as well as various meetings and training demonstrations.


fitfestival 2016