The closer we get to the Olympia weekend the more important it is to try to get that victory. The Chicago Pro is scheduled at a critical time in the season when many athletes have already started their prep for the Olympia.  All athletes competing want to win to try to get that Olympia qualification out of the way.

We bring you all the latest results and photos from this fantastic show.

Top Five results

IFBB Pro Men
1. Dallas McCarver
2. Michael Lockett
3. Brandon Curry
4. Johnnie Jackson
5. Sasan Herati

IFBB Pro Men 212
1. Mark Dugdale
2. Marian Cabral
3. Dobromir Delev
4. Fernando Noronha Almeida
5. Ricky “Tricky” Jackson

IFBB Pro Women
1. Jacqueline Fuchs
2. Angela Rayburn
3. Bonnie Pappas
4. Judy Gaillard
5. Kimberly Mcguire

IFBB Pro Men Physique
1. Mike Balan
2. Tristan Murray
3. Antoine Weatherspoon
4. Suraqah Shabazz
5. Jared Thompson

IFBB Pro Classic Men Physique
1. Darrem Charles
2. Ko Chandetka
3. Antonio Mitchell
4. AJ Shukoori
5. Jonathan Sebastian

IFBB Pro Women Physique
1. Jamie Pinder
2. Mindi OBrien
3. Caroline Gaume
4. Sarah Fechter
5. Billie Cavalier

IFBB Pro Fitness
1. Fiona Harris
2. Dominique Matthews
3. Alevtyna Titarenko
4. Derina Wilson
5. Jeanine Taddeo

IFBB Pro Figure
1. Sara Ard
2. Bojana Vasiljevic
3. Sharmane Williams
4. Andrea Pollard
5. Ashley Losee

IFBB Pro Bikini
1. Lacey DeLuca
2. Vicki Counts
3. Alzira Rodriguez
4. Jessica Lynn
5. Yarishna Ayala


Photos, videos and results

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