2017 Arnold Classic Invite List - Victor Martinez will compete

2017 Arnold Classic Africa Invite List – Victor Martinez will compete

According to Muscular Development’s forum  and other sources close to evolutionofbodybuilding.net, Victor Martinez will be competing at the 2017 Arnold Classic Africa.

A invite list was published by the official website of the Arnold Sports Festival on March 31, 2017

Victor has become the favorite with a number of fans to win this show.

Looking at the list of competitors, it looks like there will be a good battle for the top four places.

Jeff Beckham, Juan Morel have been active in recent competitions and will most likely have a good battle for the top spot.

As a number of competitors have already stepped on the stage this year, while a number of them will be making a appearance after a long break, such as Johnnie O. Jackson, Fred Smalls and Victor Martinez.

The official list of competitors is still to be confirmed.

Tentative competitors list

Open Men:
Earl Abrahams
Jeff Beckham
Jon De La Rosa
Ibrahim Fahim
Vitaly Fateev
Johnnie O. Jackson
Tomas Kaspar
Juan Morel
Marek Olejniczak
Lukas Osladil
Fred Smalls
Derek Upshaw
Cobus Van Der Merwe
Victor Martinez

Caroly Botha
Tiffany Chandler
Regiane Da Silva
Kristine Duba
Missy Farrell
Sally Kendall-Williams
Dominique Matthews
Holly Semanoff
Rebecca Sizemore
Nicolette Spencer
Bethany Wagner
Derina Wilson