2017 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro

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2017 IFBB Prague Pro Amateur Results

PHOTOS by Eastlabs.sk

Women’s Physique OPEN

Women’s Fitness

Welness Fitness OPEN

MPh Junior OPEN

MPh 182cm plus

MPh 182cm

MPh 179cm

MPh 176cm

Classic Bodybuilding 180cm plus

Classic Bodybuilding 180cm

Bodyfitness Master OPEN

Bodyfitness 168cm plus

Bodyfitness 168cm

Bodyfitness 163cm

Bodybuilding OPEN PRO

Bodybuilding Master OPEN

Bodybuilding Junior OPEN

Bodybuilding 90kg

Bodybuilding 80kg

Bodybuilding 212 PRO

Bodybuilding 100kg plus

Bodybuilding 100kg

Bikini PRO

Bikini Master OPEN

Bikini Junior OPEN

Bikini 172cm plus

Bikini 172cm

Bikini 169cm

Bikini 166cm

Bikini 163cm

Bikini 160cm

2017 EVLS Prague – weigh-in

MPh Overall

Bodybuilding Overall

Bikini Overall

Classic Bodybuilding Overall

Bodyfitness Overall

2017 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro

2017 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro

2017 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro