RESULTS: 2018 Arnold Classic Australia Qualifier - Queensland

RESULTS: 2018 Arnold Classic Australia Qualifier – Queensland.

The 2018 Arnold Classic Qualifier – Queensland was organized last weekend 18, February 2018.

The venue was at the Arts Centre Gold Coast, Queensland – Australia.

The contest was open to all athletes from any federations and all competitors had the chance to qualify.

The next qualifier will be in New South Wales , 25 February 2018

Below are the top 3 results from each class plus photos.

Photos courtesyIFBB Pro League Australia

Bodybuilding Overall Champion Logan Robson

O/100kg Bodybuilding
1st Logan Robson
2nd Julian Wood
3rd Mark Miller

1st Dylan Cruikshank
2nd Joel Dotta
3rd Chris Rogers

U/90kg Bodybuilding
1st Chris Thomas
2nd Vele Reece
3rd Ryan Hoff

U/80kg Bodybuilding
1st Matthew Manjiviona
2nd Michael Galley
3rd David Koroma

U/70kg Bodybuilding
1st Matthew Woods
2nd Carlos Chan
3rd Shane Rock

Junior Bodybuilding
1st Samuel Leahy
2nd Taine Foley

Novice Bodybuilding
1st David Koroma
2nd Jesse Derkson
3rd Samuel Leahy

Masters Bodybuilding
1st Vele Reece
2nd Mark Miller
3rd Rob Quatro

Men’s Physique First Timers
1st Ryan Vitulskis
2nd Cain Winiata
3rd Ntwari Bonheur

Men’s Physique Novice
1st Ben Waters
2nd Vasim Pathan
3rd Arpan Pandya

Men’s Physique Open
1st Carlton Loth
2nd Matt Swann
3rd Steven Fogarty

Men’s Classic Physique Open:
1st Peter Hartwig
2nd Simon Giacomotto
3rd Bryce Beaumont

Men’s Physique Overall Champion Carlton Loth

Classic Physique Novice
1st Simon Giacomotto
2nd Kevin Robinson
3rd Ryse Jones

Our first overall Classic Physique Champion Peter Hartwig!

Figure First Timers
1st place Donya Assi
2nd place Samatha Thomasson
3rd place Jessica Ivory

Figure Masters
1st Donya Assi
2nd Fimka Hampson
3rd Kylie Brassell-Dellow

Figure Novice
1st Samantha Thomasson
2nd Jessica Ivory
3rd Olivia Pratley

Women’s Physique
1st Tina Black
2nd Kerry Rowen
3rd Sharon Campbell

Women’s Fitness
Mallory McMannus

Bikini First Timers
1st Jessie Hollingworth
2nd Brooke Campbell
3rd Taylah de Joux

Bikini Juniors
1st Jessie Hollingworth
2nd Emma Lucas
3rd Brooke Campbell

Bikini Masters
1st Crissi Carvalho
2nd Shae Burling
3rd Michelle Schouten

Bikini Novice
1st Laura Coulsell
2nd Brooke Campbell
3rd Taylah de Joux

Bikini Open
1st Prudence Tyler
2nd Stephanie Kalms
3rd Jessie Hollingworth

Overall Bikini Champion Prudence Tyler