2018 Duke City Classic

2018 Duke City Classic Bodybuilding and Physique Event.

PCA USA’s New Mexico event, the 2018 Duke City Classic, saw an impressive caliber of athletes on stage. Top competitors won prize money and received invitations to compete in the international PCA World Championships.

Riverview, Florida: July 30, 2018.  For immediate release

The caliber of athletes that competed at the 2018 Duke City Classic was impressive. The judges, all trained on PCA criteria, assessed the athletes on build, proportion, symmetry and class-specific attributes.

Before leaving the stage, the very best competitors were extended invitations to the PCA World Championships in Birmingham, England by the head of PCA International, Ryan Alexander. The PCA World Championships is an elite, invite-only event, where leading PCA athletes compete with one another for the championship titles in their respective class, as well as a chance to win a piece of the $50,000 prize fund.

At the end of the Duke City Classic bodybuilding and physique event, these outstanding athletes were awarded the following victories:

Pro Am: Christopher Sullivan
Bodybuilding: James Franklin
Men’s Physique: Emeka Jerry Emenike
Bikini: Alicia Maese
Figure: Faby Martinez

Men’s Physique: Emeka Jerry Emenike
Bikini: Alicia Maese
Bikini: Yolanda Smith Mora
Bikini: Janae Fichera
Figure: Faby Martinez
Junior Bodybuilding: Henry Padilla
Bodybuilding Lightweight: Tony Martinez
Classic Bodybuilding Short: James Franklin
Bodybuilding Middleweight: Charles House
Pro Am Bodybuilding: Christopher Sullivan
Men DisAbility: Xavier Vasquez

Junior Bodybuilding: Henry Anthony Padilla
First Timers: Matthew Budagher
Classic Bodybuilding Short: James Franklin
Classic Bodybuilding Tall: Caleb Deane
Masters Bodybuilding over 40: Robert Berkebile
Men’s DisAbility: Xavier Vasquez
Figure Short: Faby Martinez
Figure Tall: Michele Thornhill
Figure Master: Faby Martinez
Ladies Physique: Renee Bartlett
Ladies DisAbility: Cynthia Adams
Men’s Physique Short: Nathan Deyermond
Men’s Physique Tall: Emeka Jerry Emenike
Bikini: Janae Fichera
Bikini Master: Yolanda Smith Mora
Trained Bikini: Alicia Maese
Trained Bikini Master: Helen Esquibel
Lightweight Bodybuilding: Tony Martinez
Middleweight Bodybuilding:  James Franklin
Heavyweight Bodybuilding:  Lance Little
Pro Am Men’s Bodybuilding: Christopher Sullivan
Pro Am Bikini: Alicia Maese

Pro Am Men’s Bodybuilding: 
1st Christopher Sullivan $3,000
2nd James Franklin $1,500
3rd Charles House $750

Pro Am Bikini: 
1st Alicia Maese 79 $1,250

Pro Am Men’s Physique 
1st Emeka Jerry Emineke $1,250

Christopher Sullivan, overall Pro Am Bodybuilding winner
Alicia Maese, overall Bikini winner