IFBB Physique America Connecticut State Chairman, Albert Alfredo, proudly announces the first show in the state with the May 12th IFBBPA 2018 Connecticut Classic.

“It is an honor for me to promote the first event in the state for our new organization” states Alfredo. “I am also pleased and proud to be promoting and presenting innovations that have never been done in the state with regards to Bodybuilding and Fitness competitions.”.

The first major impression that Chairman Alfredo has accomplished is the event venue. The competition will be held in the Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy in Stamford, CT. “Having Bobby Valentine, a former Baseball player, manager, ESPN analyst and sport icon, involved is a major coup for the event. Bobby’s participation gives the show instant credibility” articulates Alfredo.

The second item that Chairman Alfredo will be offering is that two winners from his show will represent IFBBPA Team USA at the Diamond Cup Rome, Italy, with all expenses paid. Alfredo continues, “Doing great things for the athletes is makes all the work meaningful”

“IFBB Physique America is fortunate to have Al Alfredo in charge of Connecticut. He is exactly the hard working, educated leader that our organization wants to be a prime state executive” orates IFBB Physique America CEO/President Wayne S. DeMilia.