2019 Amateur Olympia Tunisia

2019 Amateur Olympia Tunisia – Where are the full results?

The 2019 Amateur Olympia Tunisia was organized last weekend, 8-9 February 2019.

A week has passed and the results are still not made public on the official site of the NPC/Pro League.

When clicking on the link that takes you to the NPC/Pro Qualifier results, a blank screen appears with links to the 2018 results.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net’s first priority is to publish results from major shows from all federations. The Amateur Olympia series of events is one of them.

We have received many messages asking from results, but if we cannot get it from the official site of the NPC/IFBB Pro we will not post them.

Ifbbpro.com and npcnewsline.com have still failed to produce the full results.

On npcnewsonline.com, the overall winners have been posted on 15 February, 2019. The top three placings from Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Physique and Men’s Physique have been posted. These nine athletes have all won their NPC/Pro League cards.

It is great to know the overall winners and who won NPC/Pro League cards, but what about all the other competitors. More than nine competitors surely competed.

As the so-called the leaders in bodybuilding and fitness competitions, one would expect a full list of results to be uploaded in the first week after the show, especially on the official site of the NPC/Pro League.

This article is not meant to put the NPC/Pro League in a bad light, but it is a service to the athletes that is not being done. We see the occasional result on social media of an athlete talking about the show and their placing. But this does not solve the problem.

If nobody will vent their frustrations, we will. As we have published before, many websites especially in the USA are restricted to the heavy hand of the NPC/Pro League. If they talk negatively or express their frustration about something, they will not be given press passes to various shows.

Rest assured, this has no effect on us.

On another note, something related to the Amateur Olympia series. After publishing two articles related to the 2019 Amateur Olympia Lebanon, evolutionofbodybuilding.net still have not received any response related to the questions we have sent to the Olympia LLC.

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We thank show promoter Moe Elmoussawi for telling us his side of the story on why the 2019 Amateur Olympia was cancelled and changed to another show.

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A simple press release about the cancellation of the event would have answered many questions for the athletes that had planned to compete at this event. The new event is called the Lebanon Pro/Am. We have been informed it will be a NPC/Pro League event.