2019 Arnold Classic Europe register

Hundreds of athletes register for 2019 Arnold Classic Europe.

Thursday was a busy day for the IFBB and its officials.

Hundreds of athletes from every part of the world lined up in to finalize their registration for the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe.

Every athlete arrived in Barcelona with the dream of earning their IFBB Elite Pro card.

The registration was not a quick process as it lasted approximately 10hrs. The IFBB officials patiently made sure every athlete had no problems when it came to registration and other procedures.

A big well done to the athletes for their patience. The atmosphere was electric with athletes enjoying the moment as they met their friends, competitors and colleagues from all over the world.

IFBB President Rafael Santonja and his committee were at the venue as well to welcome all the athletes and as well head the judges meeting.

Friday’s events start at 10am and end at approximately 8pm. The bodybuilding and fitness events will be taking place on two separate stages to cater to the hundreds of athletes.

As well on Friday 20 September, 2019, the Arnold Classic Europe Expo is officially opened as well for the public. Some of the best supplement and fitness companies from all over the world will have their great products on display with demos and as well free samples to give away.

Our friends at Eastlabs.sk and Fitnessandmass.com were on site at the registrations taking great photos of the athletes and officials.

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Athletes registration photo gallery by Eastlabs.sk: Click HERE