2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – NSW

RESULTS: 2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – NSW, Australia

As we promised, we continue with the coverage of the Australian Arnold Classic qualifiers.

The 2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – New South Wales took place at the Science Theater on Sunday 24 February.

This competition is sanctioned by the NPC/Pro League and is a 2019 Arnold Classic Australia qualifier.

Australian legendary bodybuilding promoter Tony Doherty also attended the show.


Junior Bodybuilding
1st – Nicholas Hilton
2nd – Koben Moore
3rd – Scott Kilby

Bodybuilding Novice
1st – Koben Moore
2nd – Jack Mahoney
3rd – Regnal Ram

Bodybuilding Masters
1st – Steve Nicholas
2nd – Greg Bessant
3rd – Peter Petretic

Bodybuilding U/70kg
1st – Robert Randall
2nd – Bassam Marhabala
3rd – Omar Abdelhamid

Bodybuilding U/80kg
1st – Khobe Sugiantara
2nd – Jean Paul Perle
3rd – Ben Roberts

Bodybuilding U/90kg
1st – Mijail Barak
2nd – Rohan Untersteiner
3rd – Jack Mahoney

Bodybuilding U/100kg
1st – Youseff Hammoud
2nd – Dayton Acria
3rd – Matthew Lowrie

Bodybuilding O/100kg
1st – Chris Kavvalos
2nd – Chayse Tattershall
3rd – Suliman Zakka

Classic Physique First Timers
1st – Koben Moore
2nd – Regnal Ram
3rd – Emin Efrica

Classic Physique Novice
1st – Koben Moore
2nd – Meng Xu
3rd – Ash Abdollahi

Classic Physique Open Class B
1st – Nick Jones
2nd – Rohan Untersteiner
3rd – Ethan Gohari

Mens Physique First Timers
1st – Siar Gul
2nd – Beezy Alavi
3rd – Luke Sunderland

Mens Physique Novice
1st – Ek Khammountry
2nd – Beezy Alavi
3rd – Luke Sunderland

Mens Physique Open A
1st – Fabian Trujillo
2nd – Ek Khammountry
3rd – Breezy Alavi

Mens Physique Open B
1st – Mohammad Khamissabadi
2nd – Siar Gul
3rd – Jordan Best

Figure Novice
1st – Ruwinie Senaratne
2nd – Rosemary Byrne

Figure Open
1st – Rose Black
2nd – Maria Andriano
3rd – Rueinie Senaratne

Women’s Physique
1st – Tanja Ploy

Bikini First Timers
1st – Katie Stones
2nd – Alyssa Herning
3rd – Melissa Helou

Bikini Junior
1st – Alyssa Herning
2nd – Lorena Araujo
3rd – Bronte McIntyre

Bikini Masters
1st – Marisa Caterina
2nd – Kacie Graving
3rd – Alexandra Xavier

Bikini Novice
1st – Beth Weidner
2nd – Melissa Helou
3rd – Tegan Worland

Bikini Open
1st – Beth Weidner
2nd – Katie Stones
3rd – Bridgette Ballico