2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – Queensland

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier – Queensland.

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Tony Doherty and crew made sure he gave all the athletes a chance to qualify for the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia.

The 2019 Arnold Classic Qualifier took place at the Hota, Home of Arts, 10 March, 2019.

This competition is sanctioned by the NPC/Pro League and is a 2019 Arnold Classic Australia qualifier.

Australian legendary bodybuilding promoter Tony Doherty also attended the show.


Junior Bodybuilding
1st – Louis Perkett
2nd – Declan Wiseman
3rd – Damien Tronc

Masters Bodybuilding
1st – Pedro Relvas
2nd – Rob Quatro
3rd – Johnny Whenuaroa

Novice Bodybuilding
1st – Brock Newman
2nd – Colin Pedlow
3rd – Matthew Battye

Bodybuilding U/70kg
1st – Liam Cherry
2nd – Matthew Abrahams

Bodybuilding U/80kg
1st – Andrew Yates
2nd – Carlos Chan
3rd – Sam Gardiner

Bodybuilding U/90kg
1st – David Matthews
2nd – Colin Pedlow
3rd – James Puglia

Bodybuilding U/100kg
1st – Brock Newman
2nd – Chris Skogberg
3rd – Matthew Battye

Bodybuilding O/100kg
1st – Gerard Pashkevich
2nd – Rhys Ferszt

Bodybuilding Overall winner
Brock Newman

Classic Physique First Timers
1st – Declan Wiseman
2nd – Thomas Axelson
3rd – Matthew Hilton

Classic Physique Novice
1st – Michael Grund
2nd – Matthew Hilton
3rd – Rowan More

Classic Physique Open
1st – Chris Skogberg
2nd – Leigh Carmichael
3rd – Michael Grund

Classic Overall Open winner
Chris Skogberg

Men’s Physique First Timers Class A
1st – AjaySingh Pundir
2nd – Alexander Leventakis
3rd – Dennis Christofis

Men’s Physique First Timers Class B
1st – Matthew Gorle
2nd – Elisha Ho
3rd – Noah Brazier

Men’s Physique Novice Class A
1st – Sami Ghandour
2nd – Alexander Leventakis
3rd – Sid Shaw

Men’s Physique Novice Class B
1st – Ethan Browning
2nd – Noah Brazier
3rd – Branden Foyle

Men’s Physique Open Class A
1st – Sami Ghandour
2nd – Memo Del Solar
3rd – Bahram Abadi

Men’s Physique Open Class B
1st – Paul Downie
2nd – Jonah Tumata
3rd – Matthew Gorle

Figure Masters
1st – Renee Archer
2nd – Donya Assi
3rd – Tracey-Lee Hempstead

Figure Novice
1st – Emily Wyatt
2nd – Astrid Arnon
3rd – Stephanie Gee

Figure Open
1st – Renee Archer
2nd – Sonia Koaru
3rd – Emily Wyatt

Figure Overall Winner
Renee Archer

Women’s Physique
1st – Jodie Howard
2nd – Tymeka Zimmerman
3rd – Kim Prince

1st – Soila Suomela

Bikini First Timers
1st – Anastasia Rada
2nd – Libby Powell
3rd – Ashley Woodward

Bikini Junior
1st – Alicia Tincknell
2nd – Klara Novakova
3rd – Tia Herd

Bikini Masters
1st – Elisha Paynter
2nd – Shae Burling
3rd – Susan Martini

Bikini Novice
1st – Anastasia Rada
2nd – Libby Powell
3rd – Ashley Woodward

Bikini Open Class
1st – Gabriella Nockles
2nd – Ashley Woodard
3rd – Naomi Glover

Bikini Open Class B
1st – Kristen Barre
2nd – Calista McKenzie
3rd – Courtney Angilley

Bikini Overall Champion
Kristen Barre