2019 Australasian Championship – A great success with great athletes.

The 2019 Australasian Championship took place in Sydney (Australia), during the weekend of March 29th-31st with great success.

Over 150 athletes from Samoa, Tahiti, American Samoa, New Caledonia, Tonga, New Zealand, and Australia, participated in the event for their chance to win $20,000 in cash prizes and the Elite Pro cards.

The competition showed the progress of countries like Samoa, Tonga and New Caledonia,. The athletes representing these countries showed they were capable of winning the gold medals, defeating the Australian competitors who were favorites for the titles.

Along with them, Tahiti and American Samoa also achieved several medals, despite the dominance of Australia, driven by its history and the work developed by Paul and Carole Graham, chairpersons of the Australian national federation.

A new success for Bodybuilding and Fitness, in the South Pacific area that presents new stars of these sports, ready to compete at the  IFBB Elite Pro Division.

Results will be uploaded shortly.