2019 Barbados IFBB Elite Pro Show

RESULTS: Eddy Wilson conquers the 2019 Barbados IFBB Elite Pro Show.

The 2019 Darcy Beckles IFBB Elite Pro Show was organized between 4-7 July, 2019.

This great show took place at the Two Mile Hill, Barbados.

The show consisted of five categories: Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bikini Fitness, Women’s Body Fitness and Women’s Wellness Fitness.

$24,000 in prize money was available for the top athletes plus points going towards the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Ranking.

Eddy Wilson presented a fantastic physique to win the Men’s Bodybuilding class and take the top prize, plus qualification for the 2019 IFBB Elite World Championships.

Not only did Eddy present fantastic size but he had the definition to go with it. The perfect combination for the ideal physique.

Contest photos by Armando Marquez/IFBB.
Men’s Bodybuilding photos by David Garner/Xquizit Digital Photos

Men’s Bodybuilding:
1. Eddy Wilson, Suriname
2. Raylison Maria, Netherlands
3. Soepe Koese, Suriname
4. Andrzej Kolodziejczyk, Poland
5. Omar Pellejero Suarez, Spain

Body Fitness:
1. Abeni Procope, Trinidad&Tobago
2. Ramona Morgan, Barbados
3. Sher-Rhonda Braithwaite, Antiqua & Barbuda
4. Soraya Alvarez, Spain
5. Lynnete Thompson, Barbados

Wellness Fitness:
1. Katherine Lebron, Puerto Rico
2. Diana Laura Verduzco, Mexico
3. Stefanie Griffin, United Kingdom
4. Dionne Clarke, Barbados
5. Militia Galimo, Suriname

Men’s Physique:
1. Marcos Feliz, Dominican Republic
2. Brandon Francis, Trinidad & Tobago
3. Jamil Jones, Barbados
4. Hadley Hoyte, Barbados
5. Rafael Toyama, Brazil

Bikini Fitness:
1. Lenka Myslivcova, Czech Republic
2. Diany Terrero, Dominican Republic
3. Isabela Borban, Brazil
4. Avernell Modest, Jamaica
5. Kimberly Percival, Antiqua & Barbuda