RESULTS: 2019 Chicago Pro – Day 1.

The first day of competition has ended at the 2019 Chicago Pro.

As the 2019 Olympia Weekend is only approximately 10-weeks away, the top athletes are trying their best to get qualification to the biggest show in the NPC/Pro League calendar.

The first day of competition had 5 divisions: Bodybuilding 212, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Women’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness.

A number of unfamiliar names ended up winning the top prizes adding more excitement to this show.

Lloyd Dollar won the 212 Bodybuilding title. Lloyd edged past some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Zane Watson and Guy Cisternino.

Lloyd presented a well balanced physique to earn him the victory. In future shows, he needs to control his mid-section between poses.

Second went to Bola Ojex. Another balanced physique that could of easily switched places with Lloyd Dollar. Bola has fantastic development in his legs, he can improve on his upper body by adding more size.

John Jewett took third spot. Another athlete with super leg development that in some poses makes his upper body look small. If he comes in with a bit more condition and some more size in his upper body, he will surely move up some places in future shows.

Fourth place went to veteran Guy Ciscterino. After recovering from his shoulder surgery, Guy immediately hit the gym to get back on stage. Obviously, Guy would of wanted a better placing, but after all he has been through in the last couple of years, he should be happy with his result.

Fifth went to Canada’s favorite, Zane Watson. Zane came into the show a bit smaller but in fantastic condition. He had the best condition from the entire line-up. If Zane can get a bit more thickness in his back and maybe come into a show with the same condition and a bit more overall size, he will be a sure winner.

The second day of competition will have Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Women’s Bodybuilding, Bikini and Women’s Figure.

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