RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro South America.

The 2019 IFBB Elite Pro South America took place in Quito – Ecuador between 6-9 September, 2019.

A fantastic line-up of IFBB Elite Pro’s made the trip this prestigious event.

This was the second edition of this show after an excellent show in 2018.

This competition was open to IFBB Elite Pro athletes from any of the 196 IFBB affiliated federations.

Women’s Wellness star Angela Borges continued her domination in this division with another victory while Deividas Dubinas moved up from the Classic Physique division to conquer the Open Bodybuilding division.

$25,000 in prize money was spread evenly between five divisions. Bodybuilding Open, Wellness Fitness, Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness and Men’s Physique.

As with all IFBB Elite Pro Shows, points will be awarded to the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Rankings and the winning athletes will qualify for the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

The top five results from every division:

Bikini fitness:
1. Oksana Oleinik, Russia
2. Lisa Marie Graham, United Kingdom
3. Ivanna Escandar, Spain
4. Carla Lorena Banegas Cuellar, Bolivia
5. Isabela Borba, Brazil

Men’s physique:
1. Luis Solimán, Dominican Republic
2. Marcos Feliz, Dominican Republic
3. Guilherme Gualberto, Brazil
4. Sandy Familia, Dominican Republic
5. Oscar Ramirez, Colombia

Wellness fitness:
1. Angela Borges, Brazil
2. Rayane Fogal, Brazil
3. Isabelle Pereira, Brazil
4. Elba Viola, Dominican Republic
5. Merys Patio, Venezuela

Men’s bodybuilding:
1. Deividas Dubinas, Lithuania
2. Rubiel Mosquera, Colombia
3. Misael Avila, Mexico
4. Wendel Setropawiro, Suriname
5. Angel Luis Bermudez Cuadro, Colombia

Body fitness:
1. Agnes Junqueira, Brazil
2. Lourdes Maria Silva, Brazil
3. Tibis Araque, Venezuela
4. Sarlin Andrea Chavez, Colombia
5. Marissol Rios, Brazil

Photos by 2Cstudio