2019 IFBB International Austrian

2019 IFBB International Austrian Championships – Salzburg.

By Dr. Wolfgang Schober

The Men’s Physique category with junior and masters classes has been the most competitive category in the Austrian championships for years. This applies both to its quality and quantity. With 39 starters in five classes, this tradition of the high number of well trained athletes continued this year.

It was evident that some competitors thought by having a lot of muscularity and “make yourself wide” would give them an advantage, but it was actually counterproductive to the judging criteria.

What was striking this year was that for the first time since the introduction of this category many starters simply had a really bad presentation on stage. We saw well-trained athletes. However, even the spectators noticed that many of them had apparently tried the quarter turns only once or twice, meaning that this would be enough. But that was far from reality! In the classes only those who were successful knew how to present themselves correctly and in accordance with the rules. And of course there were long faces among those who had great bodies, but presented them poorly.

For you guys: Bodybuilding and all its subgroups is a presentation-sport. We are the only sport in which no elements of the training are required in the competition but only the visible training and diet result is PRESENTED. So guys, get it right! Let yourselves get trained the required quarter turns and the I-Walk by real experts for the next time and then train them until you drop. Success on stage in our sport is only about presentation. Anyone who takes the meaning of presentation lightly is on the wrong track.</em

Juniors and Masters Physique

In the Juniors Roland Szabo (HUN, No. 107) took the 4th place. He was clearly too hard for a junior in the Physique class, and thus least suited the required rating criteria for this category.

The situation was similar for Manuel Wilfing (AUT, 3rd place, No. 52), who came in far less defined this year than in his last start. But in comparison with the juniors placed in front of him, he was still too massive and ripped. Michael Makovsky (CZ, 2nd place, No. 58) came with flowing, slim lines and was obviously easier than Manuel, which brought him equal standings with the winner from Austria, Ahmer Abdacraham (No. 48). Ahmer had the narrowest waist in this field, his back was straight and not wide, making him the most suitable junior physique scorer.

Master athlete Rene Winkler (AUT) won the victory with obvious pleasure in the sport and good overall presentation.

Photos: Silvia Schober