2019 IFBB Men’s Amateur World Ranking Winners.

The winners for the best amateur men athletes for the 2019 were announced during a prize giving ceremony at the 2019 IFBB Amateur World Championships that were held in Dubai.

The IFBB created the Amateur World Ranking system to award the best athletes in each division at the end of each contest season.

The more consistent the athlete is in placing at competitions, the higher he or she will be ranked.

The winners are promoted to the IFBB Elite Pro League and as well the Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique and Classic Bodybuilding are each awarded $15,000.

The winners for 2019:

Ali Midoun from Algeria – Men’s Bodybuilding
Sidy Pouye from Spain – Men’s Physique/Muscular Men’s Physique
Boris Palovic from Slovaquia – Men’s Classic Bodybuilding

Download the final official rankings for the various categories in PDF format:

Men’s Bodybuilding

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding

Muscular and Men’s Physique