2019 IFBB Tiger Classic Diamond Cup

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Tiger Classic Diamond Cup – Romania.

Immediately after the very successful 2019 IFBB European Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, the IFBB continued with their great events.

The next event was in Bucharest between 10-11 May 2019.

The IFBB Tiger Classic Diamond Cup – Romania had 13 IFBB Elite cards available to be won and as well points to be earned towards the 2019 IFBB Amateur World Rankings.

The event was organized by Mr. Mihai Tigora, creator of the IFBB Tiger Classic that reached its 13th edition.

A good number of athletes chose Bucharest as an alternative to Lisbon where another IFBB competition was being organized.

The competition was held at the largest concert hall in Romania. The event was very successful and was attended by a number of delegates from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, headed by Mr. Bogdan Matei.

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Results (Class Winners)


Junior (Open): Valentin Petrov (Austria)
Open: Jiri Cermak (Czech Republic)


Open: Boris Palovic (Slovakia)
Master (Open): Boris Palovic (Slovakia)


Junior (Open): Adam Ionut (Romania)
Low Size (-173 cm): Daniel Girtan (Romania)
Medium size (-179 cm): Aurelian Cojoaca (Romania)
Talla Alta (+179 cm): Pierre Murcia (France)
Master (Open): Antonis Iostakis (Cyprus)
Muscular (Open): Aurelian Cojoaca (Romania)


Junior (Open): Oleksandra Sumanieieva (Ukraine)
Master (Open): Yoana Ivanova-Zhikova (Bulgaria)
Low Size (-162 cm): Daniela Martinescu (Romania)
Medium size (-169 cm): Oleksandra Sumanieieva (Ukraine)
Talla Alta (+169 cm): Ioana Crisan (Romania)


Open: Goda Sevcenko (Lithuania)


Open: Cristina Gómez (Spain)
Master (Open): Cristina Gómez (Spain)


Open: Safier Iancu (Romania)

OVERALL BIKINI FITNESS: Oleksandra Sumanieieva (Ukraine)
OVERALL MEN’S PHYSIQUE: Daniel Girtan (Romania)