Olympia Weekend Webcast schedule

2019 Olympia Weekend Ticket Sales Update: VIP seats sold out.

The 2019 Olympia Weekend is just about five weeks away and the build up to the show is starting to take shape.

A majority of athletes are starting to appear again on their social media outlets, adding to the excitement to this much awaited weekend.

In the last couple of days, a video was published on Youtube reporting that tickets for the event were not selling. This caused a bit of controversy.

The video stated that the 2019 Olympia Weekend ticket sales are down. The video shows the seating plan with a number of empty seats.

Soon after, Generation Iron reported the same story while sharing the same video.

The crucial mistake these media outlets did was that they most probably did not contact a representative from Olympia LLC regarding ticket sales.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net contacted Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon to get some insight on Olympia tickets.

“A lot of fans have been asking about ticket sales. As of last week we were completely sold out of our entire inventory of floor seats and VIP packages. But the good news for those who weren’t able to secure VIP tickets is the vast majority of lower-level seats are not purchased until the final 2-3 weeks before Olympia Weekend. Historically, those non-VIP ticket sales don’t ramp up until we get closer to the event so there’s still great seats to be had via Ticketmaster which can be accessed directly at MrOlympia.com”Dan Solomon, Chief Olympia Officer.

Some might believe that 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden not being present is going to have a negative impact on the show, but in reality the opposite is actually happening.

A new Mr. Olympia will likely be crowned. The winner will be the 15th champion in the 55 year history of this competition. Fans are already adding to the excitement by discussing who they think will win the Mr. Olympia title.  For the first time since 1998 (after Dorian retired) the title is truly up for grabs.

The Mr. Olympia will not be the only division to have a new champion, the 212 Olympia is also wide open. Flex Lewis has decided to step aside after dominating the sport for seven years. This will be another exciting event and the crowning of a new champion.

Some facts about 2019 Olympia Weekend uncovered by EvolotionOfBodybuilding:

• 1,200 floor seats including the VIP areas were completely sold out earlier this year than any other year.

• It is true a majority of the regular seats are still available, but according to the Orleans Box office and Ticketmaster, 55% of all Olympia tickets are sold during the three weeks right before the actual event.

• This 2019 Olympia Weekend’s pool of sponsors is the largest in the 55 year history of this event.

• The prize money has been increased for all women’s events.

• For the first time, the FINALS for all eight Olympia divisions will take place on the Arena stage during the main Friday evening and Saturday evening productions, meaning every division will get the exposure they deserve.

• This year’s Olympia expo has expanded to include several new events including various combat sports, Spartan Race, the Wheelchair Olympia and of course the pre-judging rounds for the pro league events.  The weekend also includes a variety of appearances including a special expo stage event with Ronnie Coleman for the official release of his new book.