2019 Pan American Games bodybuilding

2019 Pan American Games – History being made for the IFBB and the legacy of Ben Weider.

The 2019 Pan American Games / 2019 Lima has been taking place since the 26th of July.

On the 10th August, history will be made for the IFBB and the legacy of Ben Weider. Bodybuilding and Fitness athletes will step on the stage at the 2019 Pan American Games.

The event will be held in Lima, Perú. This is another fantastic step forward for the integration of IFBB, into the Olympics.

While many through the years, laughed at the fact that bodybuilding will be part of anything related to the Olympics, Ben Weider (RIP) and IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja continued to push ahead and work very hard to make this become reality.

Let’s be realistic, do not expect to see extreme bodybuilding physiques. The physiques that will be presented are going to be toned down, aesthetic physiques. The athletes will be inline with the WADA code for drug testing.

Millions of sport fans will follow and watch the Games, which run from July 26th to August 11th.

This is a huge step for Bodybuilding to be part of such an enormous multi-sport event and will give the sport some of its greatest exposure ever.

The event is governed by the Pan American Sports Organization, which represents the 41 National Olympic Committees of the 41 countries taking part, so it is effectively an Olympic Games for the Americas and the Caribbean.

Lima 2019, which will be the 18th Pan American Games, will bring thousands of elite athletes from North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean to Peru to participate in 38 sports. That Bodybuilding is one of them has not happened by chance, it is the result of decades of lobbying first by IFBB founders Joe and Ben Weider and more recently by current IFBB president Dr. Rafael Santonja.

They shared a dream of making Bodybuilding, one of the most widely practiced sports in the world. A mainstream activity that is part of the global sporting family. To achieve it, they have worked with National Olympic Committees, governments and organizations such as the World Anti-Doping Agency to ensure bodybuilding meets the criteria for inclusion in major Olympic events.

Today more than 90 National Olympic Committees recognize the IFBB, which is fully compliant with WADA and is also a member of influential global bodies such as SportAccord and the International World Games Association.

If you are a real bodybuilding and fitness fan, this is a moment to feel proad that finally bodybuilding and fitness will be on the world stage.

Bodybuilding, at the Pan American Games, is only open to IFBB athletes. The only Bodybuilding & Fitness organization recognized internationally by the Olympic Committees around the world and Governments.

2019 Pan American Games bodybuilding
The stage setup for the 2019 Pan American Games Bodybuilding & Fitness event.
2019 Pan American Games schedule (GMT +2) for Bodybuilding & Fitness