2020 Arnold Classic USA Preview Part 1

2020 Arnold Classic USA Preview Part 1: Former winners favorites to win.

The 2020 Arnold Classic USA will be the next major competition on the Pro League calendar of events.

With the competition scheduled for March 2020, the athletes that have already accepted their invitation are already preparing for this big event.

Focusing on the Open Bodybuilding class, it is looking as former winners are looking to be the favorites to win the title.

The 2019 winner, Brandon Curry will not be competing, so the title will be vacant for 2020.

William Bonac, Dexter Jackson, Cedric McMillan and Victor Martinez are the athletes that are looking to be the big favorites to win the title.

The review of athletes is in no particular order.

From the four previous winners, Victor Martinez will be the outsider to win the title from the four previous winners.

Victor already is going into this competition with excitement as he has been granted his American Citizenship. He finally finalized this situation that has been a black cloud over his head for many years.

At the 2019 Arnold Classic USA, Victor could only manage placing in tenth. We believe he was in great condition and he should of placed higher. Seeing him placing in the top five in 2020 is a great possibility.

Dexter Jackson is another favorite to win this title. At 50, it does not look like Dexter has any plans to slow down. The man that has the most victories in bodybuilding history still has the desire to win.

Dexter was originally just going to focus on training for the 2020 Mr. Olympia, but when he saw his name on the 2020 Arnold Classic competitors list, he changed his mind.

Even at 50, Dexter can still snatch the title away from competitors half his age. Dexter is known to expose an athlete if he is not at their best. If Dexter can keep the perfect definition and size we are used to seeing, he has a very good chance to win the show.

William Bonac, the modern day ‘Giant Killer’ won the title in 2018 and placed second to Brandon Curry in 2019. William then won the Australian version of the Arnold Classic a few weeks later.

Bonac can easily win the show if he presents a balanced physique. With such a small frame, Bonac is already packing on a lot of muscle. Trying to gain more size will just destroy his fantastic proportions. Bonac just has to concentrate on condition and exploit the other competitors that might show up bigger but not conditioned.

One of the main favorites to win the title is Cedric McMillan. In 2016, Cedric should have won the Arnold Classic, but Kai Greene managed to steal the title from him thanks to a posing routine that was judged to be better than his.

2017 would be a different story for Cedric, the minute he walked on the stage, it would be his title to lose. He had the big Dallas McCarver (RIP) to compete with but it would be Cedric who would win the title.

Cedric fell to third in 2019 and fourth in 2019. Cedric is a very unpredictable bodybuilder. For Cedric, it can go two ways, either he wins convincingly or he misses the mark and has to settle placing in the top five.

Cedric has already started his campaign for 2020 with two victories, already qualifying for the 2020 Mr. Olympia. He has less pressure going into the 2020 Arnold Classic and this should help him prepare for this show with a clear mind.

Cedric is a bodybuilder that still has not shown his best on stage. If Cedric arrives close to his best, he will surely be the last man standing.


Lionel Beyeke is another unpredictable athlete. His best placing at the Arnold Classic USA was fourth is 2018 and then falling to sixth in 2019.

Lionel has to improve his game if he wants to place higher in the bigger events. He will have some solid competition at the 2020 Arnold Classic.


Maxx Charles has a mountain to climb if he wants to get decent results. He is another unpredictable athlete. From placing a respectable third in 2017 at the Arnold Classic USA, he fell to 13th in 2018.

Maxx needs to get the attention of the judges from the moment he steps on stage to prove he can be a top finisher as he was in 2017. Perfect combination of size and symmetry will be needed.

Johnnie Jackson is making a return to competition after retiring in 2017. He ended his career on a high by winning 2017 Arnold Classic South Africa and Toronto Pro.

But at the age of 49, will Johnnie Jackson come close to emulating what Dexter has been doing in his later years?

Johnnie has continued to train on a regular basis after his retirement. We can all expect that Johnnie will present a upper body that will go head to head with all the competitors on stage. The difficulty that Johnnie will have is in his leg development. If he is compared to athletes such as William Bonac, the difference in leg development will be evident.Whatever the result is for Johnnie, he will be one of the fan favorites in the competition.

Check back for Part 2. This will be published in the coming days.