2020 Arnold Sports Festival Africa Australia

2020 Arnold Sports Festival Africa and Australia to continue as scheduled.

The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival season of events did not start according to plans.

The main event in Columbus, Ohio was derailed due to the coronavirus threat.

The expo was cancelled and spectators are only allowed to the pro events.

This was a big hit to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his organizing team.

The Arnold Sports Festival is not just one event, there are still events in Africa, Australia, Brazil and Spain.

The events in Brazil and Spain are scheduled near the end of the year, so by then it is expected the coronavirus threat will be minimized.

The Australian and African edition of the Arnold Sports Festival are scheduled for March and May respectively.

Immediately after the Arnold Sports Festival Expo was cancelled in Columbus, Ohio, Tony Doherty and Wayne Price immediately went to their social media to confirm their shows.

Until publishing this article, Doherty’s show will go on as schedule without any cancellations between 20-22 March, 2020.

Wayne Price also confirmed his show that is taking place between 15-17, May 2020 will go on as scheduled as well.

Still, even though the promoters confirmed their expo’s will run without any problems, there is still no guarantee on what can happen in the days leading up to the events.