2020 Arnold Sports Festival Africa postponed

2020 Arnold Sports Festival Africa postponed.

News just in tonight that the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival Africa has been postponed.

Promoter Wayne Price till Saturday (14-3-2020) was still sure the event would take place.

With the coronavirus threat getting worse all over the world, Wayne Price took the hard decision to also postpone this event.

In the past couple of days, the Arnold Sports Festival Australia and South America also had to be postponed.

The Arnold Sports Festival Africa is sanctioned by the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro.

Wayne published a short message on his personal Facebook page:

Dear all
After extensive meetings with authorities, relating to the Presidents speech tonight the safety of participants and spectators are priority to IFBB, thus we do not have a choice to cancel all IFBB/BBSA Shows on our calendar till end of May 2020. On the same note this year Arnold Classic Africa 2020 will be postponed to later this year! In this coming week we will notify you of the new date! I also encourage all our promoters of sanctioned events to consider moving your shows to later this year! Working together we can facilitate all shows on the calendar.
Please take care and look after yourself. In sport we stand together!
We are IFBB Family.

The only Arnold Sports Festival event left is the European edition that will take place in Seville, September 2020. This event is also sanctioned by the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro.