europa pro official competitors

2020 Europa Pro official competitors list.

The top athletes from all over the world travel to Spain to fight for Olympia qualification at the 2020 Europa Pro event.

The event will be taking place in Alicante. Spain, 11 October, 2020.

Pro events include open class bodybuilding, 212 bodybuilding, men’s classic physique, men’s physique, women’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, women’s physique and wellness.

With the contest being one of the final opportunities for athletes to qualify for the 2020 Olympia Weekend, the Pro League have agreed to hand out more qualification opportunities at this event.

Top 3 Will Qualify for the 2020 Olympia Weekend

Men’s Open Bodybuilding
Men’s 212 Bodybuilding
Classic Physique
Men’s Physique

Top 2 Will Qualify 2020 Olympia Weekend
Women’s Physique
Women’s Bodybuilding

Big Ramy will not be traveling to Spain as he now confirmed he has tested positive for Covid-19.

With the top three qualifying for the 2020 Mr. Olympia in Spain, the bodybuilding event will be a very intense competition.

Top stars such as Regan Grimes will have strong competition from veteran athletes such as Lukas Osladil and Milan Sadek.

With a line-up of over 18 athletes, it will definitely not be a walkover for any athlete.

europa pro official competitors

europa pro official competitors europa pro official competitors europa pro official competitors