ifbb european championships safety

2020 IFBB European Championships – Covid-19 Safety Protocols.

The bodybuilding and fitness industry has had to adapt to very strict safety protocols due to the Covid-19 threat.

Covid-19 (coronavirus) has brought the entire world to its knees in 2020.

As many countries are trying to get back to normal, they still have to follow very strict Covid-19 safety protocols.

The IFBB has taken these protocols very seriously.

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja, is continuously in contact with representatives from every country discussing the safest way to organize an event.

The 2020 IFBB European Championships is one the biggest and most prestigious contests on the IFBB calendar of events.

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The event is taking place in beautiful Santa Susanna, Barcelona, 15-21 September, 2020,

With over a thousand competitors expected to register for the event, the safety of every individual that enters the venue will be the IFBB’s first priority.

Earlier this week, the IFBB presented the official IFBB European Championships Covid-19 Safety Protocol guide.

The guide below explains in detail every safety measure that will be enforced during the event.